09 January 2017
British holidays

The Winter Language School "English 4U" sessions were held in the sports campsite «Burevestnic» from 3 to 8 January

Holidays is not the time for the useless sitting at the TV or computer, it’s a great opportunity to improve your health and gain new knowledge. This fact was proved by the boys and girls who participated in the Winter Language School "English 4U", organized in the i recreation center of Elabuga Institute KFU sports camp «Burevestnic» from 3 to 8 January.

The school program is unique: it successfully combines cultural activities and academic studies. Much attention is paid to the ethno-cultural component, not only mastering certain grammar structures and vocabulary, but also to the acquaintance with national and cultural peculiarities of the British mentality the rules of speech and behavioral etiquette, history and culture. During the intensive six-day program students will not only significantly improve their level of English, but also learn how to speak in groups of people and express their ideas in a foreign language clearly.

The intensive English course includes a variety of master classes, workshops and seminars. Every day is devoted to some specific subject – culture-oriented linguistics, cinema, mass media, fashion, literature; students get the theme in the morning and finish working on it in the evening - in the language role acting and creative workshops.

As the organizers state, one of the main tasks of this educational project is the opportunity for feedback and group communication.

"Our program is aimed to combine various forms of extracurricular activities. We conduct lessons- tours, role plays, lessons-debates, round tables discussions on urgentl problems of our society in English. Our children begin to speak English to each other outside the classroom. We are very happy, because we see the results of our work ", - said the head of the school, a senior lecturer of Elabuga Institute KFU English Philology and Intercultural Communication department Ayziryak Tarasova.

Classes are held in the morning, and the students have enough time to enjoy the winter vacation in the woods, have fun, and, of course, to use their knowledge in practice. Children are engaged in the audience: listening, reading, writing, watching movies, singing songs. They communicate only in English. The results are encouraging not only teachers, but also the children themselves.

Karina Salakhutdinova, Nizhnekamsk: "School« English 4U » is a great pastime and a serious language workshop. That's what I like. And if the school opens its doors in summer, I will definitely come here again and bring my friends. "

Fidail Ibragimov, Yelabuga: "I liked that we communicated in English. At first there were some difficulties, but later I adapted. "

It is worth noting that the "Burevestnicl" camp has been working the year round in the new format since 2016. Elabuga Institute KFU organizes and carries out here various thematic schools for pupils and students from Russia and abroad (Environmental school "Coworking" Summer Physical and Mathematical School, Teaching School), allowing all of them to have a good rest, to find new contacts for communication and also to get useful knowledge from skilled professionals during the holidays. These educational projects create favorable conditions for the development and support of gifted children, which is one of the most important tasks of modern education and correspond to the concept of SAE KFU "The Teacher of the XXI century". They are for children with increased research and creative activities that tend to link their lives with scientific research and are ready for the transformation efficiency in education since school years.

Source of information: Dinara Almagambetova, the mass media press service of Elabuga Institute KFU