29 January 2017
On Universiade steps to KFU

Schoolchildren participated in the Interregional Scientific Universiade could get bonus for admission to higher educational institution.

About 400 students from different towns and villages of Tatarstan, Bashkortostan, and Udmurtia competed in Yelabuga Institute KFU in the knowledge of mathematics, physics, computer science, social studies, and English and German languages. The students who had scored the maximum number of points in the correspondence round of the Universiade were invited here. While the schoolchildren were dealing with a difficult job, the seminars were being organized for their teachers, revealing the features of the exam test materials this year.

- We are participating for the fourth year in this Universiade, - says science teacher of Yelabuga gymnasium №1 Rashat Hadiullin. - The schoolchildren have to show knowledge in all areas: programming, computer graphics, working with documents. Our eighth-grader Almir Ashabiev took the third place in the correspondence round of the Universiade. We have been preparing for such competitions since September 1, so we hope for a good result.

The tenth grade pupil Amina Vildanova from school №10 in Almetyevsk, who came to Yelabuga with her mother, shared her impressions.

- I am here for the second time. I awarded the second place last year in Physics. As I tend to enter this institute, I want to be a winner. The harder the tasks, the more interesting to solve them.

Amina speaks not without reason about the admission to the institute on the basis of the Universiade - the leaders of full-time stage are awarded additional points that are significant during the admission at the hard competitive selection.

- Our Universiade is always of great interest, - says the dean of the faculty of foreign languages Alfia Sibgatullina. - Each year, a large number of participants come from all corners of the republic and other regions. More than 120 students have arrived this year who showed a good command of foreign languages. Traditionally, there are a lot of students from Nizhnekamsk, Naberezhnye Chelny and Zainsk. The competitions are based on the USE format and consist of two parts: listening and oral speech.

By the way, the New Year was celebrated according to the Chinese calendar that day. A pleasant surprise for the students who were waiting for the results of summing up the Universiade was the Chinese lessons from the teacher Lee Chzhenven. Schoolchildren got acquainted with the traditions of China with great interest, learning to speak welcome words of homeland Lee Chzhenven, mastered cunnings of hieroglyphs. Perhaps the next academic year, these pupils will be the students who will choose a new direction - «The English and Chinese languages." By the way, in February, these classes will be free to visit by other students, and there will be organized training in groups for the adults at Yelabuga Institute KFU.

The names of winners of the Interregional Scientific Universiade for schoolchildren were announced that day. The children were awarded diplomas and certificates of the participants and their teachers received letters of thanks.