21 January 2017
Chinese students talk about Kazan Federal University

Kazan Federal University is increasingly attracting the attention of international students. Interns from Xi'an Petroleum University (China) managed to take part in various activities while studying at Leo Tolstoy Institute of Philology and Intercultural Communication. On the eve of Student Day and on the eastern calendar New Year celebrations, we decided to ask the Chinese students about their impressions of Kazan Federal University and life in Kazan.

Feng Zhiming

- The first we have heard of the Kazan Federal University and Kazan was from our teacher of the Russian language in China. She told us how important it is to have training in Russia to speak Russian better. When we were suggested going to Russia for training many of us immediately chose Kazan Federal University. I think our expectations were met: Kazan is a wonderful, beautiful, clean, comfortable city. Kazan University is one of the best universities in Russia.

In Russia they say: "The first pancake is always lumpy." For us, the first day in Russia was not so, because everything was organized very well. At the airport we were met by our teachers, students and volunteers. On the bus we were taken to the Department of International Affairs. Now we know the city better and can solve our own problems. We thank our teachers for their support and assistance, for friendly attitude towards foreign students.

He Ning

- Now we are learning in the Kazan Federal University. From Monday to Friday we have classes in the Russian language, Russian culture. We study in good classrooms. Usually classes begin at 8.30 a.m. ot10 a.m. in the morning. In the classroom, we listen to teachers, practice speaking, read and write a lot. All this is very important for us, because we have come to Russia to improve our Russian language. We like to study at Kazan Federal University. Here, students created a good environment for learning. In addition, the students have an interesting life.

Zhao Means

- My name is Zhao Means. I am a Chinese girl. Now I'm at the Kazan Federal University and live in the Universiade Village. Every person who lives in the Universiade Village has a pass. This is important for the safety of the students, because the strangers can not pass into the territory of the Universiade Village. 

In my room there are 4 persons. All are Chinese women. We are friends with each other. We have our own kitchen. I love Chinese food and cook very often. I used to be a bad cook. Now I have a lot of experience, and I have learnt to cook delicious meals. I think I became more independent than before. In my spare time I love to play sports. Most of all I like to play badminton. I have been living in Kazan for 4 months and I think I'm used to and fell in love with my new life.

Ban Peng

- We are not only engaged in the classwork, but also get acquainted with the sights of the city. During four months, we have visited many excursions: with the teachers were in the museums of the city of Kazan, visited parks and squares of the city, concerts and presentations, town festivals, etc. All these events help us to learn more about Russia, Tatarstan, history and culture, traditions of the peoples who live in Kazan. What impressed us greatly was a trip to the ancient city of Bulgar. We also visited the museum of history and museums of University with great interest. In the classroom we always discuss what we saw on the tour and share our impressions. We really like our life in Kazan and studies at the Kazan Federal University.