02 February 2017
Winter Russian Language & Culture School 2017 of Kazan Federal University

On the 6th of February 12 students from Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany and Philippines will take part in Winter Russian Language and Culture School of Kazan Federal University. During 2 weeks they will be diving into language and cultural environment, which will enable them to improve their proficiency in the Russian language, get acquainted with the life of modern Russia, as well as learn about Kazan and Tatarstan.

The Winter School includes both classroom trainings in the Russian language (40 hours), and regional geographic practice (20 hours), during which students learn about the culture and history of Kazan and the University. The classes and field trips are led by the experienced faculty members of the Leo Tolstoy Institute of Philology and Intercultural Communication of KFU who have been preparing and implementing interesting and productive programs for Russian learners for over 20 years.

Students who visited the Winter School last year shared their impressions with us. Christina Naleshnikova from Czech Republic noted the high level of teaching: "Our teachers were very nice and responsible. They helped us to improve our Russian language. I am very glad that I studied at Kazan Federal University." According to Petra Yurekovoy, classes were intense and interesting: "In the classroom we talked a lot about Kazan, the city's history, its monuments, studied grammar. Thanks to teachers for correcting us when we made mistakes, and being so attentive to us. What I really liked is that we played different talk games in the classroom. It was interesting and fun and allowed us to talk a lot in Russian".

Besides, students enjoyed excursion around the Kremlin and historic center of Kazan. They described Kazan as "a beautiful ancient town with wide streets". They were also impressed by the fact that in the Kremlin "mosques and churches are nearby and co-exist peacefully".

Russian winter and ski trips gave students a lot of positive impressions: "We went skiing in the forest. I was surprised that there are so many people! When I was at home in the Czech Republic, in a corner of the soul, I was hoping that we're going to ski, and my dream has come true!”   (Veronica Mareckova).

This year the Winter School is also going to be full of a variety of events including training sessions and excursions. Obviously, students of the Winter School’2017 will bring home only warm memories of Kazan cold winter.

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