21 December 2016
The scientist from Elabuga Institute of KFU took out a patent

Maceration of tissues of small-leaved lindens leaf invented by Ilzira Gibadulina (the lecture of Biology and Chemistry Department) will help decide problems connected to ecology, agriculture, etc.

This method (study of the growth processes and development at the cellular level) can be used for purposes of agriculture: to select trees for planting in polluted urban environments
Ilzira Gibadulina has been researching biology for 10 years and maceration of fibers of leaf is a part of her Ph.D. thesis.

Homogeneous (uniform) suspension of the cells of the tissues of the small-leaved linden’s leaf is found with this method. The leaves are treated with hydrochloric acid at high temperature and limited time.

- Why did you choose small-leaved linden?

- Small-leaved linden is one of the most widespread trees used in cities and towns of our Republic.

- There are other ways of processing the leaf, what is the difference of your method?

- Uniqueness of my method is in conditionals of process.

- Where can your method be applied?

- It can be used by biologists who study anatomical organization of leaves and the influence of external conditionals on their growth and development. This method can be used for studying cellular texture.

It should be mentioned that Ilzira Gibadulina spends a lot of time for lecturing (Structural and Systematic Botany, Decorative Floriculture and Gardening) and fieldwork in summer camp Burevestnik.

Taking out a patent is recognition the effectiveness and uniqueness of the scientist’s researches. We congratulate Ilzira Gibadulina with the achieved results and wish her further success in scientific activities.

Source of information: Ekaterina Saibel, the press service of Elabuga Institute of KFU