08 August 2016
The KFU launched the International Festival of schoolteachers

August 8, the VII International festival of school teachers opening ceremony took place in Yelabuga.

The event was organized by the Institute of Yelabuga Kazan Federal University, with the support of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Tatarstan

For the seventh time during four days Yelabuga again became the Russian pedagogical capital, gathering representatives of the education community elite from all around the world. The organizers proudly point out that this festival - the only one of its kind. It is unique and in scale and format. This year, it will be moderated by more than 40 leading experts in the field of education in Russia and abroad: USA, Austria, Latvia, Kazakhstan and Belarus. Within 4 days (from August 7 to 10) more than 100 workshops will be conductied.

Welcoming the guests of the festival, the Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Tatarstan Minister of Education and Science of the Republic of Tatarstan Engel Fattakhov stressed that in the frames of the Republic of Tatarstan's development strategy until 2030 the most urgent task is to develop the human potential of the education system

Tatarstan is actively involved in a variety of federal programs to support education. Over the past five years, more than 700 schools were repaired in the country, new resource centers are being opened up. This year teachers will be presented with 10 thousand notebooks, the department of education of municipal districts will receive 75 new school buses. These days the August meetings of educators in the republic have started their work, which will focus on pre-school, inclusive, of National Education and other relevant topics. And the international festival of school teachers, of course, meets the requirements of the time, acting as a source of innovation in educational technologies system.

The first Vice-Rector of Kazan Federal University Riyaz Minzaripov on behalf of the Rector congratulated the participants on the occasion and stressed the importance for the Kazan University of the work conducted within the forum, noting that our alma mater - the institution, which became the center for the development of teacher education in Russia. He warmly invited everyone to take part in other scientific and educational projects of the University.

The theme of Festival VII is "The changing teacher in the changing world" - was not chosen accidentally. The issues of development, changes in education today are the most significant at the state level; quality education is one of the indicators of stability, level of development and well-being of society. This is due to economic and political changes in the country, to the changes in technology, social development, which also impose their demands on teacher education.

First of all it is information technology. The teacher is no longer a source of knowledge. The information is open to the public, and the teacher in this case must learn to find and analyze information. So-called "inverted-class" technology is very popular nowadays when a student comes to class, not only to obtain information, but to exchange views on the information found on their own from a variety of sources in order to understand how to convert and use it in the most effective way. It also requires new educational technologies, the use of interactive teaching methods, the problem-based methods of education, etc.

Two studies for teachers participating in the festival and one independent study for students of the Summer School of Education, organized on the basis of sports camp "Burevestnic" will be conducted during the festival.. Research conducted for teachers in cooperation with the University of Dresden (Germany), they seek to identify the level of development of self-esteem most important teacher competences.

At the same time the research in the communication barriers will be conducted. They are present in every human being, but in the teaching profession they reveal more clearly as the educational process itself is the process of communication.

The organizers believe that the analysis of the results of these studies will allow them to develop specific recommendations affecting the future teachers training quality. The second study concerns the problem of the development of teacher education in the Russian Federation as a whole and is associated with the implementation a number of projects in Yelabuga Institute within the framework of the Federal target program of education development in Russia

One key aspect of this study is to determine the importance of certain competences in teacher professional activities, the impact of these competencies on professional results achieved. Who else but the teachers-practitioners with great experience, the education community elite can answer these questions?

A second aspect of the study is the effect of a subject studied at school to achieve a variety of educational outcomes (results) in accordance with the requirements of the Federal educational standard. As it is known, the main demonstrations of FSES are threefold, and the teachers must work in the educational activity to reach personal, substantive and metasubject results. These results are achieved in different subject areas in different ways and in different numbers.

For example, the development of citizenship, the world-thinking are the problems to be solved at the lessons of mathematics, physics, foreign languages, but to a greater extent - at the lessons of history and social science, where there is evaluation of certain events, attitudes to society. Experts teachers community poll will view the effects of various subjects on the certain educational outcomes.

The research will provide significant results, which will be the basis for changes in the system of pedagogical education of Elabuga Institute in the first place, and will be reflected in the recommendations for the development of teacher education in Russia.

Another highlight(important factor) of the festival is the competition "Educational situation", which is also of great practical importance. The teachers-contestants describe the most difficult situations that arise in the course of training, and the variant of its successful solution.

During the competition so called " Practical Guide for a variety of teaching situations." will be prepared and formed, The organizers emphasize this is an invaluable experience for the young teacher and the teacher-practitioner, as the same situation is not the same circumstances and the same solutions.

The results of the research will be supplied after the end of the Forum. The closing ceremony of the festival will be held on August 10.


Source of information: Catherine Saibel, the press service of Elabuga Institute KFU