22 June 2016
The results of the universities monitoring once again confirm the effectiveness of Elabuga Institute KFU

Our institute confidently overcame the threshold values on all indicators.

Receiving campaign started in higher education institutions of the country and yesterday's schoolchildren hurry to become students. Many of them have to take one of the most important decisions that will largely determine their future life - to choose a university to continue their education and obtain a degree.

The Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation annually monitor the effectiveness of Russian universities, which tests the most important criteria for their activities. Thus, the Russian applicants in the selection of educational institutions will be able, based on the basic indicators of their activity, not only to assess the relevance and prestige of the university, but also to see the real picture of the demand for their graduates in the labor market.

This year branches of higher educational institutions of Russia were estimated on seven indicators: educational activity, research activity, financial and economic activity, teachers’ salary, employment, contingent and an additional indicator.

In assessing the effectiveness of the university in the criteria of "Research activities" is the amount of research and development work per teacher. Our Institute index - 83,13 at a threshold value of 70.1. For applicants this means that research work is an integral part of training in Elabuga Institute.

At a high level is the financial-economic activity: 1839,79 thousand rubles per NPR – our rate, while the Ministry of education a certain threshold – 1566,1. Elabuga Institute of Kazan Federal University has improved the figures for the previous year by 10.8%.

In terms of "Educational activities" Elabuga Institute KFU by 10 points has exceeded the threshold (70,01 when the threshold is 60), This took into account the average score of unified state exam of students admitted to study on a full-time undergraduate on a budget and contract basis.

Elabuga Institute has demonstrated good results and other criteria.

Monitoring was considered an additional indicator of qualification of the teaching staff per 100 students, which in our University made up 3.34 units (the threshold value of 2.87 units).

Indicator "Teachers’ salary" exceeds the required minimum: 163.02% instead of 133% (in relation to the salary for the economy of the region).

Indicator "Employment" was taken into account of the monitoring for the first time this year and here our university has shown good results - at the end of the last year employed 80% of the graduates of Elabuga Institute.

Elabuga Institute KFU, once again confirming its effectiveness and success is waiting for the new students! Welcome!

Source of information: Katherine Saibel, the press Service of Elabuga Institute KFU