27 April 2016
Chinese students want to study the Russian language at the KFU

The Russian language is gaining popularity outside of our country. For example, in China, the Russian language studies  begin as early as in secondary school. The Chinese graduates are dreaming to continue learning Russian at Russian universities.  This was the reason for the Chinese delegation to visit KFU.

The directors and advisors of the Chinese schools and universities have visited the university to enquire about the conditions and perspectives of studying Russian in  the Higher School of Russian Language and Intercultural Communication (IFMK). More than 500 students, including students from China, Japan, Vietnam, Indonesia, Turkey, Iran, South Korea, Thailand, Poland, Great Britain, USA, Germany and many other countries sucessfully study Russian as a foreign language every year. With the help of teachers they have successfully adapted to the new conditions of learning and stay attached to the Russian culture and traditions of the country of studied language.
But not all applicants from China will be able to go to university. Only those who will successfully pass the exam in the Russian language will be able to continue their studies at Kazan Federal University .

Source: Aigul Zhigalko