05 April 2016
Distance learning of Czech students

The work of the Centre for the Russian language and culture in the Czech Republic began with a pleasant event in the new term (March-May 2016). The Czech students of Masaryk University in Brno were awarded KFU certificates after finishing the distance learning courses in Russian literature. This form of work is still new to international cooperation. However, it is quite successful. The European students, in particular Czech, who are not able to travel to Russia, Kazan, Kazan Federal University, are invited to attend the interesting course remotely.

The students of Masaryk University reacted positively to this initiative. They shared their impressions with us.

Lucia Vlashkova, a student at the Institute of Slavic Studies (Masaryk University), says: “Last term we were taught by Associate Professor Golikova. We were given the opportunity to engage in the distance course on the history of Russian literature of the 20th century, organized by Kazan Federal University, in the framework of our activities on the Russian speaking practice. Within this course the students individually familiarized themselves with the necessary materials, completed the necessary tasks, and then received official KFU certificates. Personally, I think this course is an act of charity, it is essential, as we have learned useful facts, new information, and at the same time, we learned about a new form of education, with the foreign studying materials, which is new for us.”

Katerina Vizhdova, a student at the Institute of Slavic Studies (Masaryk University), expressed the general opinion. She believes that the form of distant learning is very interesting and the most suitable, “because I do not have to attend lectures, for which I, unfortunately, do not always have time. I can do everything that is necessary at home when I need it. In this course one learns a lot of interesting and relevant information. Whenever I have the opportunity, I will be happy to sign up for such courses.”

The certificate delivery ceremony was attended by Associate Professor, Candidate of Philological Sciences Jiri Gazda, Deputy Head of the Institute of Slavic Studies of the Philosophical Faculty of Masaryk University.

We hope that this form of work will continue to be successfully mastered by Czech students, as it has clear advantages.

Information source: Guzel Golikova, Candidate of pedagogic sciences, head of academic laboratory “Centre for the Russian language and culture in the Czech Republic”