05 May 2016
On December 25, in KRK 'Pyramid' has taken place an awards ceremony of the XI student's award RT 'Student of Year'.

This year the competition has collected the record number of applications for all history of the project – 476 of 18 cities of Tatarstan. Students of Institute of management, economy and finance have taken active part in "The student of year".

Laureates became:

Anastasia Rezchikova - in the nomination "Grand Prix",

Alla Kondratyev - "The social activist of year",

Vagiz Ayupov - "The creative person of year",

Student council of IUEF - "Body of student's self-government of higher education institution"

Enzhe Yagjfarov - the winner in the nomination "Volunteer of Year".

We congratulate and wish further victories!