21 April 2016
The news digest of Elabuga Institute of KFU

April 7, 2016

Students of Elabuzhsky Institute of KFUI - winners of the Xth All-Russian contest of talented youth achievements

The intramural round of the competition "National Property of Russia" was held in Moscow

The intramural round of the competition "National Property of Russia" was held in Moscow. .Students of the fifth course of the Faculty of Foreign Elena Litvinenko and Alina Fazlyeva took part in the tenth All-Russian Competition of talented youth achievements "National Property of Russia". 141 people (pupils and students) and 45 scientific leaders from 41 regions participated in the intramural round of the competition. The students of Elabuga Institute became laureates of the extramural round and prizewinners of the internal turn on the section Pedagogics.Psychology. Sociology" and there were listened 24 reports. Elena Litvinenko got a diploma of the first degree and Alina Fazlyeva got a diploma of the second degree.

The lecture of Elena Litvinenko was devoted to the theme "Forming in senior pupils motivation to research activity in extracurricular educator work". The theme, according to a student, is actual in connection with that bringing in of students to research activity improves quality and efficiency of educating, orients students on creative and intellectual development. The scientific work of Alina Fazlyeva , presented on a competition, was devoted to forming of competitive personality of senior schoolchildren in the process of extracurricular educator work of high general school.

In opinion of Elena, participating in this competition assists self-affirmation and self-development : "It is large honor to become acquainted with scientists and discoverers that presented their first scientific works and projects here. I am so happy, that exist people who is not indifferent to the scientific future of our country and they truly can be named National Property of Russia. The main result of participating in this competition for me became exchange by experience and possibility to associate with other participants of this competition they are interested in a discussion and search of ways of development of science in our country. I succeeded to become acquainted with a writer, candidate of geological-mineralogical sciences by Bertiélem Wagner that thanked all participants for active participation in the sectional meeting and wished creative successes".

The students express gratitude to the scientific leader, candidate of pedagogical sciences, associate professor to Nadezhda to Nikolaevna Savina for long-term joint work, preparation of materials to participating in a competition and psycho -pedagogical

accompaniment of their participating in a competition.

As Nadezhda Nikolaevna talks, it is not the first victories of girls. They both annually participate in internal competitions on the best scientific article and the best student project "Innovations in education" and became both winners and prizewinners. In 2014, Alina Fazlyeva became the winner of competition "Student-researcher", Elena Litvinenko became the winner of this competition in 2015. Both students have publications of works on the themes of their researches (for Litvinenko - 14, Fazlyeva - 10), including in editions of list of VАК. A tutor considers that for girls steady motivation to research activity and scientific style of writing speech are formed. By the way, both intend to continue training in a magistracy.

Source : Catherine Saibel , the press service of the Institute of Yelabuga of KFU

on April, 08 2016

The regional student competition "The traveler into eternity» took place in Yelabuga Institute of KFU

The event was dedicated to the 130th anniversary of Tatar poet Gabdulla Tukai.

The event was organized by Yelabuga Institute of KFU and Yelabuga State Art and Architectural Museum-Reserve. The aim of the competition, according to organizers, is to promote Gabdulla Tukai’s creativity. The students of secondary specialized educational institutions, Yelabuga Institute and Naberezhnye Chelny Institute of KFU participated in the competition. The students presented works of arts and crafts and participated in the recitation competition.

The event began with the solemn words of Nigamaev Albert Zufarovich, Tatar and comparative philology faculty Dean, who noted that the work of Gabdulla Tukai was the link chain between the literature of the past and contemporary literature. The students Yelabuga Institute of KFU performed the expressive drama, telling about the key moments of the poet's life, for the guests and young viewers who were the Tatar grammar schools students of the city.

Students’ works were evaluated in several categories: "Fine (decorative) art" and "poetry." It should be noted that the members of the jury of this contest were: candidate of philological sciences, associate professor of Yelabuga Institute of KFU Gabidullina Farida Imamutdinovna, candidate of philological sciences, honored worker of culture of the Tatarstan Republic Nigmatzyanova Deniya Hannanovna, chief editor of "Maidan" (Nab Chelny city) Fidail Vasilovich Mazitov , member of the Tatarstan Republic artists’ Union Maksimov, Ilya Nikolayevich, art critic Parshikova Elena, a member of the Russian artists' Union Mikhail Kuznetsov.

The best works of art and students performances were awarded with diplomas and valuable prizes. In the nomination "Poetry" Farrahovoy Rimma was the first, 2nd place - Malikova Ilciya, 3rd place - Sadykova Alsu; in the category "Arts" the winners are: 1st place – Lupova AnisIya, 2nd place - Khasanshina Laysan, 3rd place - Nedovizy Polina and Ayubzhanova Ruhshonahon, in the nomination "Originality" Shermatova Nargiza was the first..

At the award ceremony the chief editor of "Maidan" magazine (Nab Chelny) Fidail Mazitov spoke about the creative heritage of the poet, his influence on the development of culture and Tatar language, history and contemporary life of the Tatars.

According to the winner of the competition among readers Rima Farrahovoy, the event has a special significance for young people, as it develops the sense of patriotism and instill a love for the history and culture of native land.

Source: Alsu Sadykova, press service of Elabuga Institute KFU

April 13, 2016

The VI International scientific forum "Makhmutovskie Chteniy in Elabuga

At the VI International scientific forum "Makhmutovskie Chteniya" Academic Makhmutov’s friends and colleagues thanked the organizers.

On the 12th of April in the Elabuga Institute KFU the VI International scientific forum "Makhmutovskie Chteniya" was opend. The event dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the unique scholar, teacher and education organizer, orientalist, lexicographer, Academician of RAO and The Tatarstan Sciences Academy, the founder of the theory of problem-based educating Mirza Ismailovich Mahmutov’s birth. This forum was attended by his colleagues and students, such as Professor Murat Choshanov, University of Texas at El Passo (USA), George Rudik, the director of the Modern Pedagogy Center (Montreal, Canada), Svetlana Chistyakov, the Department of basic vocational education RAO academician-secretary, Nikolay Chapaev, Professor RGPPU (Ekaterinburg), Gasanguseyn Ibrahimov, Professor of The Kazan State Technological University and others. More than 200 scientists: young researchers, teachers, scientists of The Russian FederationThe , Austria, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Canada, United States, Yemen, Belarus who were involved in the study of problem-based educating theory became the participants of the forum.

The global importance of problem-based educating theory for the Elabuga Institute, KFU is directly connected with the future teachers preparation. In this regard, according to the VI International scientific forum "Makhmutovskie Chteniya" organizers, it is very important to arrange the professional community, which is supported by scholars and teachers, Makhmutov’ followers for developing the problem-oriented education technology, problem-based schooling. The arrangers said: "We hope as a result of the forum will be set up a certain professional community that joint efforts will enable not only to up­date the legacy of Mirza Makhmutova, as the developer of the theory of problem-based education, but also be able to give impetus to the development of this technology, to promote in the scientific world. "

The VI International scientific forum "Makhmutovskie Chteniya took part Timirhan Alishev, Deputy Minister of Education and Science of the Republic of Tatarstan, Riyaz Minzaripov, the first vice-rector of KFU, Ruslan Boziev, the chief editor of "Pedagogy" at the Russian Academy. Elena Merzon, the director of the Elabuga Institute KFU, opened the ceremony. Speakers shared their memories about the life and work of the great "the master of pedagogy": "People were waiting for him, as a holiday ... He loved the people, was able to listen, to talk and persuade. He was interested in the whole world, and he knew about the world a lot" Timirhan Alishev, The Deputy Minister of Education and Science of the Republic of Tatarstan informed that during 2016, at the initiative of the Ministry of education and science of the Republic of Tatarstan and the Kazan Federal University, it was held a number of different educational events and activities in the republic. The widow of Mirza Ismailovich, The Head of the Laboratory of Intellectual Potential Research Institute "Applied Semiotics" AS RT, member - correspondent of the Academy of Pedagogical and Social Sciences Dilara Shakirov thanked the Rector of the Kazan Federal University and the Director of the Elabuga Institute of KFU. She said, " The memory perpetuating of this great man, you come to this with kindness and with a soul! Thank you!"

After words of welcome Plenary session was held. The presentations were made by Vadim Khomenko, the Vice-President of the Academy of Sciences, Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Tatarstan, Irina Sibgatullina, the director of international programs of the Institute to promote the intelligent integration IFIE (Vienna, Austria), Svetlana Chistyakov, the academician-secretary of the department of basic vocational education RAO, Dilara Shakirov, member - correspondent of the Academy of pedagogical and social Science. Topics, voiced in the report on professional self-determination of young people, the analysis of the Russian and foreign experience in the Makhmutov’s technology development around the world.

On the same day the opening of the scientific and educational complex. It is named after academician Mirza Ismailovich Makhmutova room and Problem-oriented education laboratory.

The presentation of the complex showed the director of the Elabuga Institute KFU Elena Merzon. The audience in the stands are exhibits reflecting the life activities of Mirza Ismailovich a theoretical teacher, organizer of education, orientalist, figure professional education. Since the life of Mirza Makhmutova was inseparable from creativity, in the exposition of his personal belongings coexist with books. On the table of Mirza Ismailovich thereare notebooks, calendar, stationery, diaries with operating accounts, scientific thoughts, quotes briefcase and the suit of him. There are his awards, medals, and numerous certificates there. The cabinets are located near the wall writings, books, monographs, and artifacts. The exhibition complements the portrait of Mirza Ismailovich. This is the work of Ilya Maksimov, the member of the Union of Artists of the Republic of Tatarstan, the senior teacher the Elabuga Institute KFU.

There is also a presentation of the Virtual Museum - Library Academician of Mahmutov M.I., which shows not only scientific work of the scientist, but also photographs from the personal archive of colleagues and friends. Head of the scientific-methodical sector of the Office of the city of Kazan Irada Galeeva presented the special edition of the magazine "Kazan Education" dedicated to outstanding scientist to participants of the VI International scientific forum "Makhmutovskie Chteniya". Irada Shamilevna said that the idea of the creating a release willingly responded to many students, colleagues and friends of Mirza Ismailovich. Director of the Center of modern pedagogy (Montreal, Canada) George A. Rudic presented the guests of the exhibition the teaching poster "modern pedagogy".

The VI International scientific forum "Makhmutovskie Chteniya" lasted from 12 to 14 April, it will be organized into 12 thematic areas. The platforms moderators were domestic and foreign experts, professors of KFU. The forum was organized as a roundtable on the topic "Problem-oriented education in the modern world", it was organized as a scientific and methodological seminar "Innovation and tradition in the modern school education: Theory and Practice". Teachers, educators, psychologists, class teachers, teachers-organizers of educational institutions, teachers of additional education, secondary vocational teachers were invited.

In addition, as a part of the VI International scientific forum "Makhmutovskie Chteniya" 12 master classes were shown.

The closing ceremony The VI International scientific forum "Makhmutovskie Chteniya" was on the 14th of April/

Source: Catherine Saibel, the press service of the Elabuga Institute KFU

Let's write correctly

The total dictation was at Yelabuga Institute of KFU in April 16.

The action took place in 11 classrooms of two buildings of the university and has collected more than a thousand people.

Not only the students decided to check for punctuation and spelling skills: people - representatives of all ages and professions took part in the event. Kamaev Mansur - a builder by profession, heard about the campaign and immediately decided to participate. In his opinion, it is necessary not only to carry out such actions, which will surely attract attention to the problem of reducing the level of the population literacy, but also it’s important to carry this information to the masses, so that people take their speech seriously and wanted to write correctly. At 15:00 sharply the Russian children's writer Andrey Usachev, the author of the text of Total Dictation 2016 delivered a video message. The dictation subject is History.

Every year this event takes place in hundreds of cities in Russia and the world. This year, together with the Executive Committee of the city, as well as the public organization "Russian National Society" Yelabuga Institute of KFU has created the team of organizers who became the official representatives of Elabuga on the global site the Dictation. According to organizers, among the dictators there were real lovers of literature - teachers of Russian language and literature, the leading linguists of the Institute. Daniya Salimova, Professor of the Department of Russian and contrastive linguistics agreed to become the total dictation speaker. Daniya Abuzarovna noted the importance and significance of the activities uniting the entire country.

The Total dictation results will be announced in April 20. The award ceremony of "honors" will be held on 22 April.

Source: Dinara Almagambetova, the press service of Elabuga Institute of KFU