29 February 2016
Zelenodolsk and fun weekend at the 'Train of Health 2016'

February 28, the penultimate day of winter, the most active and cheerful Institute of the University went to the ski base "Lighthouse", which is located in the beautiful town of Zelenodolsk.

Many of us have experienced that the fun can not take place - before the rains, expected warming. But we were lucky - on the night snow fell before the trip. Weather decided at the last day of winter to give us joy, which we gladly took advantage of.

We got to the city by train, where our creative youth sang songs familiar to all of the "Beetles" by specially taken with a guitar. Despite the fact that the trip was very early, and all who wish to go on this trip had to wake up or before dawn, in the eyes of each was read delight. And do not think that many of us have woken up only an hour ago.

Based on "Lighthouse" we were greeted very cordially, explained in detail the location of the sports equipment, warned of the dangers, and also held a flag-raising ceremony. From that moment, symbolically started our Sunday rest.

Entertainment was fabulous: the descent from the hill on the tubing, skiing and snowmobiling, as well as the most famous, but certainly fun to play snowballs. And for those who are not very fond of this leisure, the perfect opportunity to take a walk through the snowy forest and enjoy the fresh air and the local beauty.

I was able to watch the picture, when one of our fellow students - Annur Abakar, who came from the Republic of Chad, wanted to learn to ski. A great desire and eagerness to master the classical technique has done its job - after several failed attempts and nasty falls, he has skillfully moved forward on the ski run.

In between games you can recuperate in a warm and cozy dining room, where carefully handed out muffins and hot tea.

Finally, thoroughly tired, and from exhaustion, we left the "Mayak", where in a few minutes were to begin competition in the race on skis. With us, followed by a wonderful mood, each shared his emotions with others, the light at the beginning of our trip only more inflamed ... but arrived at the station we were so tired that, perched on the places in the train, fell silent, and many have fallen asleep, leaning on a neighbor.

The ride home was quiet and peaceful, each thought of his own, but at the same time, the thoughts of all the same - they were connected with the wonderful weekend that we organized our institute.

We were charged beautiful emotions for a new start - the beginning of spring, and enjoy your cold winter that has left a lasting impression.


Source of information: Murshid Fatihova