11 February 2016
Iranian Diplomats Choose Kazan Federal University

Representatives of the Consulate General of Iran visited  Leo Tolstoy Institute of Philology and Intercultural Communication. The main goal of the visit was to discuss the curriculum and conditions of a new academic program for Iranian diplomats developed by professors of the institute.

The Iranian diplomats would like to learn Russian language and culture. Faculty members of the Department of Russian as a Foreign Language, who train over 100 international students every year, have designed an academic program tailored specifically for this new group of students. The program will enable the students to successfully adapt to the new conditions of learning, Russian culture and traditions.

During the visit, Iranian guests and the Institute administration and faculty discussed the curriculum, schedule, living conditions, and even the students’ menu. Mohsen Fagani, the Acting General Consul of Iran in Tatarstan, outined the purpose of the study of Iranian students: "By the end of education we want our graduates to be able to communicate in Russian without any help of interpreters." The Director of the Institute Radif Zamaletdinov confirmed his readiness to assist in the implementation of this objective: "We will provide quality training to meet expectations and needs of your students."

Details and conditions of the academic program for Iranian diplomats will be discussed for some time. There is no doubt, however, that Iranian partners will continue developing cooperation with Kazan Federal University.