25 January 2016
The news digest of Elabuga Institute of KFU

Preserving the traditions of the past works on the future of the people

Baron Alexander von Grevenits A.S.Pushkin’s grandgrandgrandson (Pushkin younger daughter Natalia Alexandrovna’s.offspring ) visited Elabuga Institute of KFU. The guest attended the Museum of the history of the Institute and Museum of the merchants. By tradition, the marble iconostasis, in the chapel of the former Epachy school erected by Glafira Staheeva in honour of the Holy Martyr Basil had been demonstrated to the guest After the excursion Baron Alexander von Grevenits noted reverent attitude of Russians to the historical memory. And today's meeting proves how carefully the institute preserves and studies the history of this educational school and its region, contributes to the preservation of cultural and historical heritage. "Preserving the traditions of the past works on the future of the people" – he wrote in the Book of Honorable Guests of the Institute.

Later Alexander von Grevenits gave a short interview in which he told about himself and about his recent move to Kazan. As it turned out, Alexander has dual citizenship: he is a citizen of Belgium, and a citizen of Russia as well (2-3 weeks ago he received a Russian passport and demonstrated it with great proud). "I always dreamed of returning to Russia. I have relatives in this country, and, besides, my great-grandfather was the governor of Kazan. But these are not the main reasons to motivate me. All my life I dreamed of visiting Russia ", - he said. Before moving to Russia with his family (he has six children) they lived in Tunisia. By profession Alexander is a doctor of medicine, but nowadays his professional activity is connected with business (supply of medical equipment).

At the end of his visit Alexander von Grevenits thanked Professor Anatoliy Razzhivin, deputy director of scientific activities, and Nadezhda Savina, professor of subdepartment of pedagogics, for organizing this meeting and expressed hope to visit the institute again . Trips and meetings of that kind help me get deeper knowledge of Russia, its history, culture and potential, - stressed the guest.

Source: Richat Zaripov, the press service of Elabuga Institute of KFU

Both Master’s Degree and Working Profession

In Eelabuga Institute of KFU it is available now to study for Master's degree and obtain a working profession

December 17 2015 the Decree of Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation № 2350 "On the renewal of the license FGAOUVO" Kazan (Volga) Federal University "was issued, according to which Elabuga Institute of KFU received a license for the Master’s program in the direction of "Teacher Training ".

As Airat Kaviev, deputy director of educational activities of ElabugaI Institute of KFU stated, students of the Institute have got an opportunity to get a full cycle of higher education (undergraduate, graduate, post-graduate) at their home university. “Teachers Training” being the priority direction for our institutie, this direction for master's program was licenced in the first place. In 2016 we are going to admit students for four master’s programs: "Social Science Education", "Mathematical Education", "Management of Educational Institution" and "Russian Language and Literate in Intercultural Communication"(for foreign students). Work has already begun for admission students aiming to study for master's degree. Students would be admitted not only from Elabuga Institute of KFU, but from other Russian and foreign universities. We are planning to obtain a license to other non-pedagogical directions such as history, philology, etc..

In addition, according to the Decree, our institution now has the right to implement workers training programs. Nowadays one can to get here such professions as a mechanic of repairing of motor vehicles, an electric and gas welder, a supervisor of technical condition of motor-vehicles.

"Skilled manpower is always needed, especially in such a rapidly growing industrial region”. - says the dean of the Faculty of Engineering and Technology of Elabuga Institute of KFUI Linar Akhmetov It should be mentioned that only the SEZ "Alabuga" has already created more than 5,000 jobs, according to the business plans of all registered resident companies the number of employees reaches 12 thousand., By 2023 the total number will have increased to 16 thousand working places. The emphasis is placed on workers of our region. Mind that the resident companies, other companies need now precisely skilled workers. And the management of the Elabuga Institute of KFU closely with residents, the management of enterprises are planning to work at the preparation of specialists. Today, therefore, personal policy is being developed and implemented which is aimed at professional development and involvement of youth to the companies of Kama territorial industrial cluster, including the SEZ. "

As Linar Akhmetov,points out the university has been equipped with the latest equipment that allows to prepare highly qualified specialists in all abovementioned fields.

Source: Catherine Saibel, the press service of the Elabuga Institute of KFU

Award for excellent studying

4th year student of Economics and Management Faculty Institute of Elabuga Institute of KFU Ekaterina Mitrofanova was awarded by a special state grant of Tatarstan Republic in 2015/2016.

Students for their excellent progress, wins and prize placings at scientific and practical conferences and subject contests are encouraged by this grant each year.

According to Ekaterina Mitrofanova, her active student’s life includes social, educational and research activities.

Under the guidance of tutors -instructors of the Institute - Ekaterina Mitrofanova regularly participates in regional, national, Russian and international conferences and competitions. Among them - the All-Russia Contest of state and municipal management, the All-Russian open contest of talented youth "National Treasure of Russia», Vth All-Russian student’s conference ‘Step into Science’, Vth All-Russian scientific and practical conference ‘Economic and Legal Aspects of Regional Development: Past and Present’ , IInd All-Russian conference of students and young scientists with international participation ‘Risk Management in Economy of Sustainable Development’.

Ekaterina Mitrofanova says, Study of special economic zones in Russia was especially important for me’. She continues, ‘SEZ ‘Alabuga’ attracted me in 2012 when I had just entered Elabuga Institute of KFU. At that time I started to work at the research of economic zones under the guidance of the Ph.D. in Economic Science Olga Nikolayevna Ustyuzhina. In 2013 and 2014 I was lucky enough to pass training and work experience in SEZ ‘Alabuga’. In summer of 2015 I came to the ‘Alabuga’ as an intern and I got an offer of employment after my probation. And today, as Timur Nailevich Shagivaleyev’s reviewer, the CEO of JSC SEZ ‘Alabuga’, I understand the importance of the performed work, since my interest to science opened doors for me in real sector of economics.

I always like leading an active life despite that my future profession means sedentary work. For 2 years I was a trade-union leader of Economics and Management Faculty, and from September 2015 I am a curator of trade-union leaders in Elabuga Institute of KFU. I think, the most striking of my achievements for last year were the third prize in the republican trade union competition ‘Student Leader – 2015’ and the diploma of the finalist in the contest ‘Student of the Year of KFU – 2015’ in category ‘The best trade-union leader’. But I could not achieve excellent results without help, so I express my thanks all professors and teaching staff of Economics and Management Faculty, as well as the leadership of the Institute and Elena Efimovna Merzon, the Director of Elabuga Institute of KFU’.

Source: Catherine Saibel, the press service of Elabuga Institute of KFU

18 January 2016

Students of Elabuga Institute of KFU will be probation period in Germany

From 1 to 11 February, three students of Elabuga Institute of KFU will do research in Güstrow (Germany).

Probation period of our students in Güstrow (Germany) was organized within the framework of cooperation between Elabuga Institute of KFU and the International Methodical Council regarding multilingualism and international communication. Head of coming trip and student’s work is a research worker at the Institute of Foreign Languages and Media Technology of University of Greifswald, the head of the International Laboratory and distributed participation of Elabuga Institute of KFU - Ekaterina Kudryavtseva.

Each of the students has own research topic and they will devote their work all the time in Germany. For example, the 4th year student of Russian Philology and Journalism of Faculty, Julia Sofronova is working on two subjects – ‘Calendar – portfolio’ as the technology of psychological and pedagogical supporting of preschooler’ and ‘Tatar ethnocultural component of Calendar - portfolio for preschoolers with Russian and Tatar bilingualism’ (scientific adviser is Julia Danilova, Ph.D in Philology Science, Associate Professor of Russian Language and Contrastive Linguistics Department).

Alsou Nazmutdinova’s subject of research (the 3rd year student of Engineering and Technology Fisaculty) is ‘Manufacturing of products and fixing working procedure within the framework of the subject-developing laboratory in preschool education’. Her scientific adviser is Lilia Latipova, PhD, Associate Professor of Theory and Methodology of Professional Education Department.

Tatiana Vlasova (the 3rd year student of History and Law of Faculty) explores the subject ‘Russian Germans is a nation in exile’. Her scientific adviser is Irina Kropotkina, PhD in Historical Science, Associate Professor of World and National History Department.

For each of the girls, this trip is a very important and significant event in their student’s life; they believe that the program will bring excellent results for further scientific and practical activities. Julia Sofronova says, ‘From this trip, I am waiting for new knowledge and skills in the field of technology in work with preschool children. I want to get acquainted with various aspects of this work in practice in Germany, and of course, when I begin to work with children in Russia to apply this knowledge. Last year I was lucky to work on probation in Germany. I traveled to Berlin, where I visited a bilingual kindergarten and school with profound study of Russian language named after Leo Tolstoy. As a result the worksheets for the methodological guide ‘Living alphabet’ were created. These worksheets were intended for preschooler - bilingual. There was the beginning of my research for a term paper ‘Competence of bilingual preschooler and their changes in technology of Calendar – portfolio’. Further I want to research this subject during my writing of graduation thesis’.

Source: Dinara Almagabetova, the press service of Elabuga Institute of KFU

Talents of Elabuzhsky Institute CFI were noted at the republican forum

With certificates and prizes for the best performance in the back with the Republican Forum " The discovery of talent" group of students and teachers of the institute
A group of students and teachers of the institute participated in the forum which was held in Kazan "The opening of Talent ". The forum was organized in the framework of the State program "Strategic talent management in the Republic of Tatarstan for 2015-2020 years" .
The forum - the central open area of Kazan ' University Talent 2.0 " Republic of Tatarstan , where are exchanged experiences in the field of development and talent management . During the forum, experts discussed , reviewed and recommended the best approaches and practices for the development of talented youth .
Enterprises and educational institutions of the capital and towns of Tatarstan took an active part in the events of the forum. Elabuga represented a group of students and teachers of Elabuzhsky Institute of Kazan Federal University . Before now the students and teachers of the university organized a job " training class" , participated in the competition " Laboratory of talent ", " Olympics mentors " in the preparation for practical plays and vocational guides.

Most training classes and laboratories , passed the competitive selection , including "Training - class" of the Faculty of Economics and Management and Laboratory " EkoDOS " biological faculty Elabuzhsky institutions working at the Forum with students of secondary schools , gymnasiums, lyceums . They chose talented young people from all over Tatarstan , conducted training , professional work in the field of engineering creativity " World of your possibilities."
Both of our teams received positive expert assessment of his work and a certificate for the purchase of expensive equipment.

" We are grateful to the leadership of our institute , director Elena Efimovna Merzon for support. In 2016 we have a lot of interesting work on identifying and producing talented children and youth of Yelabuga and we hope for further fruitful cooperation in the organization of this work ", - the winners Anna Ishkinyaeva Faina Rebrin .

"It's nice that our talented students were identified," - says Anna Renatovna Ishkinyaeva and Faina Viktorovna Rebrina. Karina Giniyatova and Timur Titov, the students of the faculty of economics , along with experienced coaches led igrotehnicheskie events where "pumped" important life competence. Children have received a personal invitation to the training course "Management in producing of" a team of experienced coach Svetlana Moscow Osintseva. Also, they will continue training course igropraktiki Tyusheva George (St. Petersburg).
Before Victoria Kharitonov, a student of the Biology Department at the forum didn’t get an easy task . She had to take part in the final stage of the " Olympic coaches ." In the end , performing in an unusual quality as a mentor , she won the tour in St. Petersburg to explore the best practices of youth work. Aigul Zamaletdinova, the leader of " EkoDOS " were trained at school and vocational guidance is being prepared with colleagues from Naberezhnye Chelny to conduct a training class in the schools of the city .
Following the talented students to work in the forum was joined by teachers. Sabina Damirovna Khakimov, deputy. dean for education of the Faculty of Economics and Management Institute Elabuzhsky CFI enthusiastically plunged into the atmosphere of the forum and worked on platforms igrodroma and training classes. Ishkinyaeva Anna Renatovna a diploma of III degree in the Republican prize "Opening of talent" in nomination "The area open to the talents." Rebrin Faina Viktorovna Republican has won the award "The discovery of talent" in nomination "The instructor for talent."
Detailed information about the forum - Online utalents.ru and VC group http://vk.com/utalents_ru

Source: Press Service Yelabuga Institute CFI