05 December 2015
Educational programs 'Religious Studies', 'Sociology', 'Journalism' and 'Advertising and Public Relations' of KFU entered the list of 'Best Educational Program of Innovative Russia - 2015'

The results of the monitoring of the National Center of professional public accreditation in the category "Best Educational Program of Innovative Russia - 2015" were published. According to the monitoring of one of the best educational programs in Russia was allocated to KFU program implemented in the areas of "Religious Studies", "Sociology", "Journalism" and "Advertising and public relations."

Program winners were determined by a large-scale nationwide expert voting conducted by the National Center of professional accreditation, the Guild of experts in the field of professional education, the all-Russian magazine "Accreditation in Education" through an anonymous survey (3,500 experts from all regions of Russia). Among the best are no more than 5% of all higher education programs. Organizers stress that the information about the best Russian programs is becoming more relevant and useful for both applicants and employers.

The project highlights on the basis of extensive expert opinion the best program not only among the programs implemented by the university, which in itself is important for the management and strategic development of the university, but also highlights the leaders of the Russian education. According to Andrei Klemeshev, rector of the Baltic Federal University, this is a distinct competitive advantage, the recognition of achievements, and the possibility of forming a positive image of a high level of training, both in Russia and in the Baltic region.

Details of the program will be published in the reference book "The Best Educational Programs of Innovative Russia - 2015". One of the main problems of the directory - to inform employers, applicants and their parents information about the programs that enjoy the confidence of academic and professional community.

Recall what is meant by the "best program"? The best educational program - an educational program of higher professional education, included in the guide "The best innovative educational programs of Russia" at the end of the project, which enjoys the confidence of the academic, professional and student community.

For reference. The "Best Educational Program of Innovative Russia" was created in 2010 by partner organizations: the National Center of professional accreditation, the Guild of experts in the field of professional education and the magazine "Accreditation in Education".

The project is carried out within the framework of the preliminary stage of professional accreditation, and aims to identify the educational programs of higher education, which are trusted by the academic, professional and student community.

Congratulations to the winners! Thanks to everyone who celebrates the Institute of Social and Philosophical Sciences and Mass Communication grandiose professional success!


Source of information: Directorate of ISPS