05 October 2015
Kazan-Giessen: the first awarding of double degrees

On 2 October, 2015 four graduates of Master Programs “General and Strategic Management” and “Regional economy” were awarded the diplomas of Justus Liebig University Giessen according to the agreement on double degrees. The participants of the international exchange program have demonstrated their excellent academic as well as English proficiency thus having received an opportunity to study in Giessen in their second year.

This event is very important for the Institute of Management, Economics and Finance as this is the first time when one can observe the mutual recognition of Russian and German economic education. Our students and graduates are becoming competitive on the world market and gain unique experience that will ensure their personal and professional development.

We would like to express our gratitude to the people who have turned this project into reality: director of the Institute of Management, Economics and Finance, professor Nailya Bagautdinova, coordinator of the partner agreement from Germany, professor Michael Schmitz, head of the microbiology department at KFU professor Olga Ilinskaya, Department of External Affairs and Educational department of KFU. But our special thanks go to our students who have applied to our institute. Together we do important job that allows us to go forward.