19 May 2015
University of Giessen and KFU share experience

German scientists Prof. Dr. Andreas LangenohlProf. Dr. Jörn Ahrens, Prof. Conrad Herasimovich visited the Institute of Social and Philosophical Sciences and Mass Communications of Kazan Federal University. The reps of the universities shared the results of their research at the bilateral seminar on Comparative Studies of Migration, Multiculturalism, Majorities and Minorities.

Mikhail Shelkunov, Director of the Institute, noted that the meeting laid the foundation to start collaborative projects and academic exchange.   

Topics of discussion were the interchange in social theory and practice, research program outlines, the “camp” as biopolitical paradigm, rhetoric of controlled disaster such as drug use, as well as mediatization of the relationships between parents and their children under transnational migration. Other questions that arose were current society climate, nationalism, and ethnic minorities  in modern Kazakhstan, migration problems in Southern Caucasus in the context of ethnic conflicts escalation.

Dr. Langenohl, Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Cultural Studies at Justus Liebig Universitat of Giessen, expressed his appreciation of the seminar and was impressed by the projects of KFU Laboratory of Sociological Research. 



Source of information: Maria Eflova