17 April 2015
Scientists of KFU, Norway and the United Kingdom are studying risk factors for cardiovascular disease in Russia

Joint work continued through the seminar passing these days in the Kazan Federal University on "Cardiovascular disease in Russia - International research co-operation 2014-2019".

"Our research with scientists from the UK, Norway and other Russian cities have been conducted since 2013 - said Deputy Director, Institute of Basic Medicine and Biology of KFU, a cardiologist Raushaniya Gaifullina. - The interest in this work is associated not only with its scientific component, but also a unique research - the project is interdisciplinary and implemented jointly by the two divisions of the University - Laboratory of Social Research Institute of Social Philosophy and Mass Communications and the Institute of Basic Medicine and Biology. "

According to one of the curators of the project - a professor at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (UK) David Leon, the joint work has two aspects - educational (exchange of experiences through seminars) and research (study of people with cardiovascular disease).

"Our task - to understand what happens to people at the time when they get to the hospital, how they are treated, what measures are taken and how effective is it - told D.Leon. - We plan to conduct a comparative analysis of Russian and international indicators and methods of treatment, and then to conclude that the most common causes of cardiovascular disease and to develop recommendations for prevention. The project is implemented in Kazan and other Russian cities and a global study that requires in-depth analysis, slow and careful study materials. I am very interested in, so that together we c Kazan Federal University continued to work, as here in the KFU, has all the necessary equipment to carry out such studies. "

More about the educational aspect of the project was said by the curator from the Norwegian side, Associate Professor University of the Arctic Tromsø Tormod Brenn:

"We're here to read a course of lectures on the epidemiology of cardiovascular disease. This work, - on the one hand, the collection of information and joint analysis with the Russian scientists, on the other – growing faculty potential, training people to work with information, demonstration of new methods work, expansion of knowledge and competence. "

You can find presentations here:

Presentation by David Leon;

Presentation by Tormod Brenna.


Source of information: Natalia Darashkevich, the press service of KFU