Our Mission and collaboration proposals \International Laboratory for Comparative Urban Studies - Kazan (Volga region) Federal University
Our Mission and collaboration proposals

We see a high quality of the cross-disciplinary research as our mission.  We conduct research on the challenges faced by modern city developers, which include the quality of life, urban environment and ecology, public health and urban culture, so that to improve the welfare of the urban residents and to raise the urban management efficiency.  

Laboratory for Comparative Urban Studies of KFU serves to increase the number of academic publications in journals, indexed by Scopus/Web of Science and to provide an opportunity to the researchers to be included in global debates. Laboratory  works closely with municipalities and it will also carry out an educational function throughout the creation of Master’s courses, advanced training for young researchers.

It is the…

1.      1st Center in Russia for cross-disciplinary urban research, included in global debates.

2.      1st Center in Russia with 10 western scientists engaged in various fields of research and expertise in Russia (--should we include that phrase in eng version?)

3.      1st Double Diploma Program in Urban Studies in Russia

4.      Leading Russian university with life learning courses for municipal and public employees

5.      Leading world class education and scientific center with growing scientific networks.

6.      Sustainable Center, attracting local researchers for the participation in various projects and grants.

Our partnership offers: