"Open Informatic" Joint Double Degree Master program 

Students Applied Mathematics and Informatics  master program can enroll to the selective Joint Double Degree Master program organized together with Czech Technical University in Prague (CTU) www.cvut.cz/en.

During the course of study students will learn both Applied Mathematics and Informatics  and Open Informatics Software Engineering expertise. Duration of the Program is 5 semesters. The 1st , 2nd, 3rd and 5th semesters students spend at their home Universities, the 4th semester is spent at their host Universities.

In the 5th semester students prepare their Master thesis, which should be written under the supervision of a professor from either KFU or CTU and should be written and presented in English.

Upon successful completion of the Program students shall be awarded a KFU and CTU Double Degree comprising the Russian diploma of Master's degree with concentration in Applied Mathematics and Informatics and the Master of Science level of CTU in Open Informatics in the study field Software Engineering.


The Czech Technical University in Prague (www.cvut.cz/en)  was established on the initiative of Josef Christian Willenberg, on the basis of a foundation deed signed by Emperor Joseph I and dated of 18 January, 1707. CTU  is the leading technical university in the Czech Republic.

The Faculty of Electrical Engineering (FEE) (https://www.fel.cvut.cz) offers first-class education in the fields of electrical engineering, telecommunications, automation, informatics and computer science and engineering. All  study programmes are closely linked to  research activities.



“Data Science” joint double-degree Master's Program

The joint double-degree Master's Program (JD2MP)  at Institute of Computational Mathematics and Information Technologies @ Kazan Federal University (Russia) and College of Computer Science & Software Engineering @ Shenzhen University (China) oriented onto training students at international team for mastering skills and knowledge on effective processing heterogeneous, real-world big data that drive business success in today's hyper-competitive, data-driven world. The JD2MP prepares students for data-related careers s in data science, which is an emerging area driving economic growth, public policy and corporate strategy through management of very large collections of data to derive insights that ultimately benefit society. Understanding effective and ethical ways of using vast amounts of data is a significant challenge to science and to society as a whole, and developing scalable techniques for data analysis and decision making requires interdisciplinary research in many areas, including machine learning, algorithms, statistics, operations research, databases, complexity analysis, visualization, and privacy and security. Through a unique combination of interdisciplinary coursework and cutting-edge research, the programs will enable students to apply techniques and tools of data science to applications drawing on appropriate and relevant concepts and models from the engineering, natural or social sciences. Students will undertake a capstone project that will provide hands-on practical experience analyzing data in a project environment. The emphasis is on understanding and working within a corporate environment and integrating all the skills and knowledge that have been acquired from previous courses into a solid base to progress from into students' professional life.