Microsoft Innovation Centers

Microsoft Innovation Centers operate in 60 countries around the world. Several such centers have opened in Russia at the largest universities in Moscow, Yekaterinburg, Nizhny Novgorod, Tomsk, Kazan and Kaliningrad. Opening of Innovation Centers is designed as part of Microsoft Initiative to accelerate development of the Russian software industry.

Microsoft Innovation Center of Kazan University is an open door, "entry point" for interaction between companies with strong IT-infrastructure, small and medium sized companies, the IT-industry, universities and other research and educational organizations, government and civil society organizations in areas of research, development, deployment and commercialization of a wide range of joint projects on the Microsoft. Especially - innovative, knowledge-based and interdisciplinary projects.

HP Center

HP Technology Center at Kazan University was established in accordance with the Protocol of Intent signed between Hewlett-Packard (HP) and Kazan University in March 2009.
Such centers are based at the leading universities of the country within the framework of International "Institute of HP Technology." This program was launched on January 25, 2008 and is unique for HP; it was designed and conducted by the Office of Open Innovation HP Labs.
There are 20 universities in the program now including Russia, Central and Eastern Europe.

Cisco Academic Center

CISCO SYSTEMS is a world leader in networking technologies and has been the largest manufacturer of professional networking equipment for years. CISCO delivers more than 80% of the routers that make up the basis of the Internet. Modern solutions of the company renowned for its reliability, functionality and performance provide the work of thousands of organizations, government agencies and services worldwide. The range of devices and CISCO software tools covers all applications from small private networks and small businesses to multinational companies.
Actively developing project of CISCO Networking Academies serves as the training for successful professionals in the telecommunications industry worldwide. Fundamental and practical knowledge gained by students of the Academy through professionally prepared training materials and work with real equipment, offers them a wide range of positions in the IT sector in various companies and organizations. A Certified CISCO specialist is an internationally recognized standard of professional networking.
CISCO Networking Academy offers their students a wide range of courses on various areas of telecommunications. The very first and most fundamental step in their training program is CCNA.
Head of the Cisco Center at KFU - Dmitry Bondar.