The conference will be held in the magnificent and historic building of the Kazan University. The beautiful city of Kazan, situated 800 km to East from Moscow, is one of the most remarkable and ancient towns at the left bank of the greatest river Volga, Russia. The ancient monuments of Kazan together with its beauty and cultural and scientific atmosphere made it historic centre as a Russian Treasure. Kazan, one of the biggest and most important cultural and industrial centers on the Volga River, referred to as "the port of five seas, with a population nearing 1.2 million made up of 77 different ethnic groups, is the capital of the Republic of Tatarstan.

Tatarstan is the most northern frontier between Muslim and Orthodox Christian worlds, a secular republic with stability based on a high percentage of mixed marriages, official support for two languages and cultural tolerance. As a transportation hub, Kazan serves a region encompassing over 80 million people.