The 4th International Conference on Science and Applied Research

Post-Genome Methods of Analysis in Biology
and Laboratory and Clinical Medicine

Kazan, Russia                       October 29 – November 1, 2014

Section 1: Genomics and metagenomics

Section 2: Methods of analysis of the trans­criptional activity of coding and noncoding parts of the genome

Section 3: Proteomics, peptidomics and metabolomics

Section 4: Bioinformatics. Information technology in processing and interpretation of genome data

Section 5: Cell technologies and regenerative medicine

Section 6: Nanotechnologies in medical and biological research

Section 7: Biomarkers, genes and omices in studies on pathogenesis of socially significant human diseases. Molecular epidemiology

Section 8: Personalized medicine

Section 9: Post-genomic technologies of drug development. Target delivery of drugs