The summer sсhool «Computability and Computable Structures» is a sattelite of the international conference  «Algebra and Mathematical logic: Theory and Applications». The meeting will be held in Kazan (Russia) from May 26 to June 8, 2014, on the base of Kazan Federal University.

All participants of the sсhool are participants  of the conference «Algebra and Mathematical logic: Theory and Applications».

The aim of the school is the organization of lectures by leading Russian and foreign scientists on mathematical problems of modern algebra and mathematical logic for youth, as well as sharing of research results which are obtained by young scientists.

Fundamental scientific problems, solutions of which can contribute to activities carried out, are problems of theoretic model classes of computable invariants of algebraic structures including the most important classes: linear orders, Boolean algebras, Abelian groups and fields; algorithmic problem getting of exact bounds of isomorphisms and definable relations computable algebraic structures as well as the problem of describing the Turing degrees of isomorphic copies of noncomputable algebraic structures.

Conference proceedings will be published as a full paper in the special issue Lobachevskii Journal of Mathematics (journal published in English and included in Scopus), as well as abstracts of lectures reports and summaries.