ICC Competition appeared in USA in 1969. Its founder is American professor, the lawyer Louis M. Brown. Particularly he developed the methods of clients’ consultation which is followed by the competition participants.

In 1972 with the support of American association of lawyers it acquired the status of international one.

In 1985 the competition was solemnly opened by the representatives of 3 countries: Canada, USA, and Norway.

In 2010 the representatives of more than 22 countries participated in the competition, among which: Australia, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Canada, China, England, Wales, Finland, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Malaysia, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Nigeria, the North Ireland, Puerto-Rico, Russia, Scotland, Sri Lanka, Ukraine, the USA.

In 1993 the International competition assumed the name of Louis M. Brown.

On May, 2010 the competition was changed from "client counselling" to "client consultation". The meaning of the word "consultation" reflects the type of activity in comparison with such words as interviewing, advising or counselling. Also the name of Californian lawyer Forrest S. Mosten was added, which serves as the recognition of his tremendous contribution for the development of competition.


Currently, the winners’ names are fitted in the memorial tablet, rewarded for the victory.  The winners also take the prize from the American association of lawyers.