Institute of Physics takes the Graduate Students to the Master course of Educational direction: "03.04.02 - Physics" (Skills Profile: "Computational physics").

Des­cription of Education program 

Main Subjects         

Rules of entrance

We entrance to Master's program of Kazan Federal University citizens of Russian Federation, ex-USSR states and foreign countries which have bachelor's or specialist degree. The applicants must submit to Admission Committee the following documents:

The applicants are interviewed and take a test on general and theoretical physics.


Taking part in scientific measures

Master students take part in scientific workshops, university, Russian-wide and international conferences, in competitions and grants for students.


International Cooperation

Universität Augsburg (Augsburg,  German)

Universita di Roma "La Sapienza" (Rome, Italy)

L'Universite de Lyon (Lyon, France)

The University of London (London, United Kingdom)

California Institute of Technology (Pasadena, California, USA)

The University of Johannesburg (Johannesburg, South Africa)

The University of Tokyo (Tokyo, Japan)


National Cooperation

Kazan National Research Technical University named after A.N.Tupolev - KAI (KNRTU-KAI)

Karpov Institute of Physical Chemistry

Ulyanovsk State University

Tver State University



 Master's degree and capability to continue the scientific career in postgraduate;

  1. Knowledges in applied physics, informatics and modern computing technologies;
  2. Knowledges in simulation of physical processes;
  3. Experiences in simulating and describing the physiacal processes and penomena.

Term of apprenticeship - 2 years


 High being in demand in employment market;

  1. Freedom in age;
  2. Participation in academic grants;
  3. Intercommunication with internationally acclaimed scientists.

Where the Master's graduates work