Founded: - 1931

Official name changes:

1931 – Kazan Finance and Economics Institute

1935 – Kazan Finance and Economics institute named after V.V.Kuibyshev

2002 – Kazan State Finance and Economics Institute

2011 – Institute of Finance and Economics of the Kazan (Volga Region)  Federal University

Short name (abbreviation) - IEF

Undergraduate enrollment: 1800

Graduate enrollment: 218

Degrees granted: Bachelor of Economics (4 years), Master of Economics (2 years)

Faculty: 211

Famous graduates:

Gafurov Il’shat Rafkatovich –  rector of the Kazan Federal University.

Khusnullin Marat Shakirzyanovich – vice mayor of Moscow

Shagiakhmetov Midkhat Rafkatovich – Tatarstan minister of economy

Shafigullin Airat Radifovich – Tatarstan minister of labour, employment and social security.

Centers of additional professional education:  3

Departments: 14

Research and educational centers: 

Housing options: 2 comfortable hostels (Universiade village is one of them)

Dining options1 restaurant and 1 café