YLE – Young Learners English Tests

The YoungLearnersтests tests of levels of complexity: Starters (Below A1 level), Movers (A1 Level), Flyers (A2 Level) are particularly developed for the smallest children (7-12)/

It is unique in the world the international English examination for children. All tasks take into account features of children's mentality. Children play, draw, put mosaics and excitedly solve puzzles. All this helps to avoid stress at delivery while taking the first examination.

The Cambridge examinations for children are examinations which are impossible to fail. All children taking part in examination, receive the certificate with the coats of arms of the Cambridge University instead of extra points.

There are three children's examinations of various level of complexity: Starters, Movers, Flyers. Each of these examinations consists of three blocks: listening, reading, writing, speaking. All examination materials are colorfully illustrated, and examinations take place in a comfortable atmosphere.

KET – Key English Test (A2)

Examination of elementary level. It checks ability to communicate in English in daily situations at a basic level.

PET – Preliminary English Test (B1)

Examination of intermediate level. It checks ability to communicate in English in daily situations.

FCE – First Certificate in English (B2)

Examination of upper-intermediate level. It checks ability of sure possession of English for oral and written communication. This examination is the most popular in this series, it is handed over by more than 250000 people annually.

CAE – Certificate in Advanced English (С1)

Examination of advanced level. CAE checks ability of sure possession of English for the academic purposes. CAE is an important indicator of qualification for any person, wishing to work, to study abroad or to reach professionalism in any area where the knowledge of language is necessary. Higher educational institutions of many countries consider СAE as an indicator of knowledge of English at the level, allowing to study and pass examinations in various specialties in English. Almost all universities of Great Britain and more and more universities of the USA recognize СAE as well as many employers worldwide.

CPE – Certificate of Proficiency in English (C2)

The certificate of fluent usage of the language proving highest linguistic ability for those who in the highest degrees got English language skills and is able to use effectively them almost in all communicative situations.

Examination of Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency (CPE) is at the top level among the Cambridge examinations in English.This level of knowledge of language is designated as С2 in the system established for the modern languages.

Everyone characterized by the profound knowledge of the English language can hand over CPE. The one who has successfully passed this examination approaches the standard level of native speakers of English. The appropriate level of education and life experience are required for passing an examination.

The successful delivery of this examination can be accepted as the certificate that the student can study in the higher education institutions making very high demands to knowledge of English, and can cope with any difficult task in English.

Higher educational institutions of many countries, including almost all universities of Great Britain and a set of universities of the USA, recognize CPE. Employers of the whole world also recognize CPE.

BEC– Business English Certificate

BEC (The business English certificate ) is a system of certification and the examination, developed by the Cambridge university for an assessment of level of possession of business English. Certificates of Cambridge BEC don’t require extra taking.

The system of examinations of BEC has three levels of complexity: BEC Preliminary (Intermediate), BEC Vantage (UpperIntermediate), BEC Higher (Advanced). All three examinations are focused on those who works or is going to work in the business sphere.

TKT–Teaching Knowledge Test

It is flexible and public examination for teachers of English as foreign language, can be taken irrespective of education and experience of teaching.

Candidates shouldn’t have high degree of their language, but is urgently recommended to have at least the average level (Intermediate) of B1 (for example, PET or IELTS4.0). Examination consists of three independent modules which can give up together or in three sessions in any sequence. Module 1: «Language and conditions for studying and language teaching» consists of three parts which include 80 questions; Module 2: «Planning of lessons and use of resources for teachers» consists of two parts including 80 questions; Module 3: «Management of process of teaching and language studying» consists of 2 parts which include 80 questions. Each correct answer gives the candidate 1 score.

ILEC – International Legal English Certificate

The examination, allowing to estimate knowledge of English in the sphere of jurisprudence.

This examination corresponds to levels of knowledge of English of Upper-Intermediate/Advanced or B2/C1 by the European Scale of Levels.

ILEC is intended for students of jurisprudence departments and beginning lawyers of those who plans to work in the international organizations or to apply the qualification abroad.

Examination structure: Reading (reading), Writing (letter), Listening (audition), Speaking (interview).

In our opinion, the International Qualifying Testing (Cambridge ESOL) should become good trend in the sphere of certification of experts and translators for the Republic of Tatarstan, and also to be the wide project for teachers and pupils that, undoubtedly, will provide increase of educational standards in the field of English teaching according to the international requirements and motivates profound English language studying.