​Radif Rifkatovich Zamaletdinov, Doctor of Philology, professor, Director of the Philology and Arts Institution of Kazan Federal University (further-PAI of KFU), Head of the Department of General Linguistics and Linguoculturology of PAI of KFU.

Born on the 27th of October, 1969 in the village Malaya Tsylna , Drozhzhanovsky district, Republic of Tatarstan.

Education. In1995 graduated from the Department of Tatar philology and history of Kazan State Pedagogical University (further-KSPU; speciality – Teacher of Tatar language, literature and history, Diploma Magna Cum Laudae). In 2003-2004 underwent professional upgrade training at the State coordinating centre of IT of RF Ministry of Education and Science on “Management in educational institutions” program.

In 1998 defended the thesis for a degree of candidate of sciences (Education) (on teaching methodology of Tatar in Russian school), in 2004 – the thesis for a degree of Doctor of Philology (on national-linguistic Tatar world image). He is the founder of linguo-culturology research in Tatar linguistics.

Professional experience. After his service in arms (1987-1989) and graduating from Kazan State Pedagogical University (KSPU) (1995), his further job was invariably connected with this University (KSPU, TSUHE since 2005, KFU since 01.09.2011) .

Worked as a research fellow for social studies education at Tatarstan Ministry of Education in 1994-1996, chief desk officer for Tatarstan peoples languages development at the Exe­cutive Office the Tatarstan Cabinet of Ministry, and with no interruption in his research-pedagogical activities at the University rose from student to Doctor of Sciences, from assistant to TSUHE Rector and director of Institution in KFU.

Research area: comparative and typological study of kindred and non-kindred languages: structural-functional and linguo-culturological approaches; theory and methodology of the Tatar language teaching. His transactions (about 120 publications) can be divided into the following topics:

1) linguo-culturology studies (the topic of his doctoral dissertation). 4 monographies referring to this problem were issued: “Inner and outer world of the Tatar culture beams through a language prism”, “The Tatar culture in the language reflection”, “Language and culture: Principles of the Tatar linguo-culturology”, “theoretic and practical aspects of the Tatar linguo-culturology”, compiled a unique dictionary “Ethnic cultural lexis of the Tatar language”. R.R.Zamaletdinov headed candidate dissertations in this area;

2) publications on comparative studies of Russian and Tatar. This area is considered in the following pieces of work: “Theory and practice of comparative studies of Tatar and Russian” monography, programs and textbooks. His textbook “Comparative grammar of Tatar and Russian” with UMO (educational methodology association) classification code for specialities of pedagogical education of RF Ministry of education and science generalizes his work in this area. R.R.Zamaletdinov headed candidate dissertation in this area as well;

3) publications on working out the linguo-methodical principles of teaching the Tatar language (his candidate dissertation is devoted to this problem). Considering this topic he issued: 2 monographies “Linguo-didactic principles of teaching reading in Tatar learners of junior classes in Russian schools” and “Principles of methodology of teaching reading in Tatar as a second language”, study guide, program for Russian schools (co-authorship).

Social activities. R.R.Zamaletdinov is:

- a member of a commission “Traditions of education during the globalization era” of the scientific board on studying and conservation of cultural and natural heritage of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Moscow),

- member of Presidium of Educational and Methodic Association on pedagogical education specialties (hereinafter referred to as EMA) and Chairman of educational and methodic commission on specialty 050302 “Native (Tatar) language and literature” of this EMA (Moscow),-

- Chairman of Dissertation Board D 212.078.04 (specialties: Russian language, RF peoples' languages (Tatar),

- Member of Board of languages' laws follow-up at Tatarstan Cabinet of Ministry and Chairman of the Commission on scientific and legal basis for learning of languages of this Board,-

- Chairman of the Interuniversity Coordination Council on development of multicultural education at the Council of Higher Educational Institutions Rectors of Tatarstan,-

- Member of All-Russia political party “United Russia”.

Awards and decorations. According to Exe­cutive Order by RF President V.V.Putin R.R.Zamaletdinov was awarded “Kazan Millennium Commemoration” and K.D. Ushinsky medals, Certificate of Merit of the RF Ministry of Education and Science, “Honorary worker of RF Higher Professional Education” and “Honoris Causa in Education” lapel badges, Certificates of Merit of the University and the RT Ministry of Education and Science.

Family status. Married, has a son and two daughters