Admission to the Institute of Oriental Studies and International Relations, KFU is carried out in accordance with the rules of admission to Kazan (Volga Region) Federal University.

The amount and structure of the admission to the Institute’s Academic Programs, financed from the state budget, is determined by the Academic Council of the Institute of KFU in the range of tasks set by the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation.

Education at the Institute provides practical and theoretical study of Oriental Languages​​, Literature, History, Economics, Politics, Social and Cultural life of the peoples in the Near, Middle and Far East, Central and South-East Asia and International Relations.

On behalf of the Academic Council of KFU the Institute can implement educational programs at various levels.

The training of specialists at the Institute is conducted in the fields and areas of "Oriental and African Studies", "Philology" (oriental languages), "International Relations", "Foreign Area Studies."

In accordance with the Charter of KFU the Institute can provide additional (paid) educational services in the areas of the developing specializations.

The Institute provides full-time education.

Second higher education is provided for "International Relations" and "Oriental and African Studies".

Training is allowed according to individual plans, approved by the Academic Council of the Institute.