Date of birth:
March 30, 1947

Graduated from Kazan State University in 1970

Director of Institute of Mechanics and Mathematics (KFU)
Doctor of Science in Physics and Mathematics (March 27, 1987)

Professor (since December 21, 1994)


14.11.1979 University Award for the cycle of works in 1979Университетская премия за цикл работ 1979 года
14.12.1998 Honorary title “Honored Science Worker in the Republic of Tatarstan”

11.04.2000 State academic Scholarship 2000-2003

18.11.2003 RF Ministry of Education Certificate of Merit

30.03.2007 Award pin "For Merits in Education"
23.08.2010 Honorary Figure of Russian Higher Education

Number of publications: 135, including 5 monographs, 3 author’s certificates, 2 patents, 2 certificates of computerized registration of programs

Number of methodic works: 3

Short des­cription of the most important results: Group analysis of flow patterns of non-Newtonian liquids’ films, also containing equation of “shallow waters”. Solutions of glaciers, avalanches, bulk solids dynamics. New models with fractional derivative of mass transfer in complex environments. Development of multi-layer oil deposits.

Number of publications in Scopus: 59

Reference count to publications in Scopus base: 153

Personal Hirsch index: 7

Professional Development

05.09.2011-31.05.2011 Studying French at Saint-Petersburg State University

Areas of activity

Applied models of thermohydrodynamics in multiphase and complex environments. Theoretical aspects of information and telecommunication systems and mathematical modeling. Group properties of differential operators with respect to the models of glacial mechanics