Kazan Federal University


Type of event (conference, seminar, workshop, EU info day, etc.)

20 January

The outreach event in Children University of KFU – awarding winners of a contest “Fairy world of European Union”

24 January

Euro-club “Taxation and well-being  in EU countries or Why Depardieu needs Russian passport ”

6 February

Open lecture and discussion, prof. Andrey Makarychev, Free University, Berlin

“Debates on normalisation and international politics of Germany: identity and “soft” hegemony”

7 February

Open lecture and discussion, Prof. Andrey Makarychev, Free University, Berlin

“Images of Russia in Germany: normative frames and cultural practices”

27 February

Euro-club “WTO in relations between Russian and EU: today and tomorrow”

4 March

Open lecture and discussion  Dr. Milda Alisauskiene, Vitauskas Magnus University, Kaunas “Challenges for religious diversity in Lithuania”

5 March

Seminar “Religious practices and politics in EU in Russia”

6 March

Open lecture and discussion “The Lesson of the Euro Crisis : New Asian Financial Order? - From Japan’s point of View”Dr. Hideki Hayashi,  EUSI in Tokyo

Hitotsubashi University

14-15 March

European Youth Forum in Kazan

Simulation of work of 2 committees of European Commission on issues of citizenship, immigration, employment and law

14 March

The contest on declamation of poetry on languages of EU “The Wild Flower Song” (café Tsiferblat)

15 March

The open lecture and discussion.  Professor Andre Gerrits  “Current crisis in the EU and what it may mean for the future of the EU and its international relations”

15 March

The social evening of European song (café Tsiferblat)

15 March – 15 June

Contest of essays “European year of citizenship: evaluations and forecast of topical spheres of European citizenship ” among students of KFU, SSU and USU

21 March

Seminar "Environment and sustainable development in Russia and the EU: political, social and cultural trends in comparative perspectives" (with participants from Russian Academy of Sceince, Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research GmbH, Samara State University, Ministry of Ecology of Tatarstan, Kazan National Technologic University)

25 March

Euro-club “Immigrants, refugees in EU and Russia: barriers toward inclusive policy”

June – September

Editing a collection of articles written by students “European citizenship”


European Youth Forum in Yoshkar-Ola


Presentation of Euro-club in Chuvash Republic


Participation of activists of Euro-club in “Baltyiskyi Artek”, Kaliningrad, presentation of Euro-club and EU Centre VOICES

26 September

EU info day – Open classes of European languages

20-25 October

II Kazan European Youth Forum

20-25 October

«European Integration Studies School» for teachers for EU issues

1 November

Training “Simulation games: European Commission”

28-29 November

International conference “Issues of super-diversity: migration in Russia and EU”

3 December

Open lecture and discussion, Dr. Kapka Panayotova , Independent living Institute, Bulgaria

“Rights of people with disabilities in EU and barriers in different EU countries”

3 December

The round table “Accessibility of urban space for disabled people: European experience” (with participants Dr. Kapka Panayotova , Independent living Institute, Bulgaria and Dr. E. Naberushkina, Saratov State University, Russia)

11 December

Student Euro-club “Anti-corruption policy: European experience”

November -December

Children competition “Human rights”


Presentation of ecological projects of children and the round table “Ecology and future”