Vasilyev Maxim Vladimirovich – candidate of law,  associate professor.

He is associate professor of the ecological, labor law and civil process department of the Kazan (Volga) federal university’s law faculty.

Area of scientific interests – the labor law.

Carries out teaching of such subject matters, as the Labour law of Russia, the special course "Problems of Working Hours and Rest Time".

Conducts active public work being the member of the Russian association of the labor law and the right of social security, the arbitration judge of Arbitration Power Court of RT

Is the direct pupil of the honored worker of science of the Republic of Tatarstan, professor A.K.Bezina (the head of the department of civil law and process in 1992-1997).  Conducts vigorous educational and research activity.  The author over 20 scientific works devoted to problems of the labor law, including monographs and manuals, among which:  "Problems of working hours and rest time", educational - a methodical grant "The labor law:  dictionary of terms of the modern labor legislation" and others.

He actively engaged in educational work, generously shares the knowledge with students, by being the research supervisor of the student's research group "Labour law".