Ryabov Alexander A. - Doctor of  Law, Professor, Corresponding Member of the Academy of Sciences.

Is a professor of environmental law, labor law and civil procedure law faculty of Kazan (Volga Region) Federal University.

Research interests Ryabov AA outside the scope of the environmental and land law: he has published several works on civil liability for environmental offenses, the development of property rights to land and property rights to natural objects, the subjective right to inherit land.

Performs teaching discipline "Environmental Law".

Is a direct disciple and successor of Vladimir Petrova (Dekan of the Faculty of  Law 1968 of 1972). He has written a number of well-known works such as "The provision and withdrawal of lands for state or public needs" (Kazan, 1972), "Legal liability for violation of the law of the land" (Wiley, 1981), "Protecting the right of state ownership of natural resources of the USSR "(Kazan, 1982). He is the author of 65 works, three monographs, two textbooks (in collaboration).

Actively manages the research work graduate students and applicants. Under his leadership, 10 post-graduate students at different times prepared and defended his thesis.

Supports research links with the University of Michigan, Oxford University, the, London Academy Press.