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We seek promising students who will contribute to our community during their college years and to society throughout their lives.

While academic accomplishment is important, the Admission Unit takes into account many other factors—strong personal qualities, special talents or excellence of all kinds, and the ability to take advantage of available resources and opportunities.

NOTE:   After finishing the Preparatory School of Russian language, you MUST TAKE exams in order to become a student of Kazan Federal University. The exams are mandatory for all applicants, whether they studied at the preparatory school at KFU or at any other university.

Amendments to the Federal Law “On the legal status of foreign citizens in the Russian Federation” entered into force.

Since 1 January 2018, new rules for students of pre-university courses are in place.

The abovementioned amendments allow foreign citizens who have completed their studies in the preparatory school and have been recommended for enrollment in the main educational programs (bachelor degree, master degree, specialist degree programs) to prolong their stay in the Russian Federation without the need to return to their native country.

The conditions for the extension of the stay after the completion of studies in preparatory school are the following:

  1. Passing admission tests (recommendations for enrollment);
  2. Signing a contract on provision of educational services;
  3. Submitting all the necessary documents for study in compliance with the admission procedure (if necessary, the document of education must be legalized as follows: consular certification or apostille; notarized translation of the document of education, notarized translation of passport);

All the documents of education and/or qualification, issued in foreign countries, must undergo the procedure of academic recognition.

       4. Paying tuition fees in full.

The full text of the law is available here in Russian.