Kazan Federal University has a wide computer network with access to the internet. All the Faculties of the University have their own local networks. Every student/staff member may receive their own electronic and network address at Dean's office of the corresponding Institute. 

Computer classroom is available for foreign students at:

External Relations Office
Kazan (Volga region) Federal University, 6 Building, Room 217
18 Kremlyovskaya St.,Kazan, Republic of Tatarstan,
Russia 420008
Working hours: Monday - Friday, 09.00 - 17.00

The University also provides students with fee-based Wi-Fi access both in dormitories and in University buildings.

Kazan University offers free mobile apps to study Russian language.

Three apps targeted at various age groups are available for testing in AppStore.

The apps are as follows:

Studerus – an app to help foreign students to enhance Russian pronunciation;

Studerus Game – automated interactive teaching of listening skills for students of Russian;

Shkola Sov – KFU (The School for Owls) – an app targeted at children and focusing on reading and pronunciation skills.

All the apps were jointly created by the Institute of Computational Mathematics and IT, the Center for Digital Transformation, and the Preparatory School for International Students.

Deputy Director of ICMIT for General Affairs Anton Yegorchev notes, “There are many language apps ​​on the iOS market, but there are no applications that allow you to correctly master the pronunciation of Russian speech using listening according to approved methods. The uniqueness our apps lies in the orientation of the recognition and correction of Russian speech specifically by foreign students or specifically by children. In particular, not just a neural network's understanding of the words themselves, but a complex intellectual analysis of acoustic signals, which makes it possible to analyze the correct pronunciation of morphemes and lexemes, find types and places of errors, developing individual lessons for each user depending on their pronunciation and results.”

Darya Ivanova, Head of the Department of Russian Language for Pre-Bachelor Courses of the Preparatory School, says that correcting the students' pronunciation from the very beginning is essential.

The final versions should become available in 2022.




Studerus Game


Shkola Sov