KFU offers a great variety of ongoing scientific, cultural and sporting activities organized by students and staff, such as Freshmen's Day, Tatyana's Day, Student's Day take place on a regular basis.

The biggest and most anticipated event is the Student Spring festival. In March and April during several weeks, students of all institute present their original creative programs which are then evaluated by the panel of juries.

The epicenter of KFU-based events is UNICS Sports and Cultural Hall.

University students take actively part in the city, republican and national festivals and intellectual contests, including regular Congresses of Students of the Republic of Tatarstan, Constellation festival, Polyglot intellectual contest, and panel games of the Tatarstan League of the Club of the Cheerful and Sharp-Witted.

Student volunteer movement members help orphan homes, veterans of war, and the elderly. The “Snow Squad” activists have explored the battlefields of the Great Patriotic War for already 40 years running.

Students are welcome to join any of 50 KFU-based creative collectives, where they can improve their vocal or painting skills, master theater arts, or learn either modern or folk dances.

KFU students practice different types of physical activities at 10 sports halls of the UNIX Center and the recently built 2013 World University Games sporting center Bustan. In the Universiade Village a swimming pool, ice rink, and multi-purpose sports complex are at students' use.

Students may choose from 24 kinds of sports, including aerobics, basketball, volleyball, martial arts, track and field athletics, table tennis, rock-climbing, swimming, football etc.

As Russia's third capital, Kazan offers a variety of exciting. The city has several theaters, symphonies, and concert halls hosting international festivals such as Chaliapin Opera Festival, Nuriev Ballet Festival and Europe-Asia Festival of Contemporary Music. Since 2008, Kazan hosts international The Creation of Peace Rock-Festival.

Numerous exhibitions, including those of the only one outside branch of the Saint-Petersburg Hermitage in the country, range from those presenting artifacts of the Golden Horde or Old Dutch paintings to those showing the latest avant-garde.

Dining, shopping, and clubbing opportunities are on par with those in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg. The city also provides great summer and winter sports opportunities at its state-of-the-art sports facilities and excellent suburban resorts.