It is a visiting student program for international post- and undergraduate students wishing to study Russian for academic or professional purposes.

Training and language proficiency requirements. There are no specific training and language proficiency requirements. However, detailed information about the applicant's education and language proficiency would help us to better prepare the program of language training at Kazan Federal University.

Special terms of admission. Applicants to the one-semester and one-year visiting student programs must provide a document confirming the student's status.

Status and certificate. Program participants receive the status of a Kazan Federal University student-trainee. Upon program completion, a Kazan Federal University certificate is awarded.

Special Russian Language Program includes a course load of 24 academic hours per week with all the necessary educational materials provided, visa and registration support, access to Kazan Federal University information and communication resources, assistance in arranging accommodation, as well as solving problems that may emerge during the training period.

Program Des­cription. The program includes a course load of 24 academic hours per week, including 20 hours of practical classes of Russian in groups of 8-10 people (speech practice, phonetics, practical grammar, reading, practical stylistics) and 4 hours of elective seminars in groups of 10-12 people. The Program can be supplemented by the practice in regional studies.

Program duration: 1 semester, 1 academic year 

Maximum Program duration: 2 semesters

Program start dates: September 1, February 1 (from February 1 - no beginners; except for groups of no less 5 persons – on group applications)

Application Deadline: two months before the program start date. (July 1st - fall semester and December 1st - spring semester).

Another option for the program dates will be discussed on an individual basis.

FEES (2019-2020):

We would like to inform you that invitation for obtaining a student visa for non-degree programs will be prepared only after the tuition fee prepayment is made by the student.

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