It is a visiting program for international academics and researchers from universities that have partner agreements with Kazan Federal University, as well as those arriving at KFU as a part of international programs.

Program objective is to support the international research cooperation of Kazan Federal University as well as academic and administrative support of research carried out by international scholars (collecting materials for doctoral theses, writing articles, etc.).

Special terms of admission. A contract (agreement) between Kazan Federal University and applicant?s university or Confirmation of participation in international programs. No special Russian language skills required.

Terms of admission. In order to be enrolled for the program a candidate shall file a detailed program alongside with recommendations from experts in his/her area, including a recommendation from a head of a unit in Kazan Federal University.

Status. A program participant receives the status of a Kazan Federal University trainee.

Program includes visa and registration support, access to information and communication resources of Kazan Federal University, assistance in arranging accommodation, solving household and other problems that may emerge over the visit period.

For an extra fee the program can be supplemented by additional consultancy, language tutorials or access to some mainstream courses of the University and some laboratory classes.

The duration of the program: no more than 90 days from September 1 to June 30

Financial terms are defined by the terms of respective partner agreements or international programs. Program participants shall cover expenses connected with visa/registration procedures, medical and other insurance.