Tutorial will be based on LeadIT Software from BioSolveIT company.


Des­cription of Software (should be installed in advance!):

Software should be downloaded from the BioSolveIT web-site. For the Tutorial you will need to install LeadIT program from the Download page. To work with the software you need to have the valid License key. The key will be sent to you by Scientific secretary. If you haven't got it yet please contact us. The license key is valid from 16 August to 16 September, 2013. In order to install the license, just copy the license file into the LeadIT installation directory. Should you encounter any kinds of problems, please consult FAQ page (http://www.biosolveit.de/faq/), visit the BioSolveIT support center (http://www.biosolveit.de/support) or contact us.


Material for the Tutorial: