There will be 1 poster session:

on the 27th of August at 16-00. 


The duration of session is 2 hours.

The posters must be displayed in the poster area at any time, but before 16 h on Tuesday (August 27). The organisers will provide to the authors the necessary material to display their posters. The posters will be attached on the pre-installed panels. The authors must be present near their presentation during the poster sessions.

The posters should be prepared in English only!


The size of the poster should be 90 cm x 120 cm. Any orientation of the poster on the panel is possible.

Note: the Organization assumes no responsibility for any damage to the exhibited posters and for their safety. Posters that have not been removed by the end of the Conference will be destroyed.


The reports accepted to Poster Session:

No Author              Title
P-1   R. Ayupov Computer simulation of acetylcholinesterase enzyme interaction with novel inhibitors
P-2   I. Borodaev Simulation of scattering argentum nanoparticles by low pressure RF plasmas
P-3  G. Khensous Molecular Docking: Application of the Tabu Search Algorithm
P-4  N. Golovina Toxicity of nanoparticles: contribution of physicochemical characteristics
P-5  V. Khayrullina Virtual screening of new potential 5-lipoxygenase inhibitors using SAR techniques and molecular docking
 P-6   V. Kljashtorny  Molecular dynamics studies of the mutant forms of photoreaction center from Rhodobacter Sphaeroides
 P-7  G. Makarov Study of tylosin and its derivatives binding to E. coli ribosome by molecular dynamics simulation method
 P-8  M.S. Moiseenkov Many-dimensional model of water-salt system’s solubility isotherm-isobar in case of simple evtonical type
 P-9  E.G. Mokshina Critical properties: QSPR of binary organic mixtures
 P-10  N. Novoselska QSAR modeling of nanoparticles’ properties: structural-based or experimental-based?
 P-11  D. Podshivalov MM simulation of phosphopantetheine adenylyltransferase of mycobacterium tuberculosis upon binding of ATP
 P-12  N.S. Tsvetov UNIFAC based information system as a tool for simultaneous chemical and phase equilibria calculations
 P-13  A.A. Repin Interactive database for enthalpies of formation of free organical radicals
 P-14  K.A. Romanova

Ab initio study of energy transfer processes in lanthanide(III) complexes with

β-diketonates and lewis bases
 P-15  N.P. Rusakova Database electronegativity of functional groups of organic connections of sulfur
 P-16  F.V. Shirshikov Evolutionary role of the hydrophobic segment of bacillar ribonucleases
 P-17  F.V. Shirshikov Physicochemical properties of the antitumor ribonucleases
 P-18  A.G. Tereshchenkov  Virtual screening, synthesis and activity of chloramphenicol peptide derivatives
 P-19  S. Trepalin Hierarchical clustering of large databases and classification of antibiotics at high noise levels
 P-20  S. Trepalin Fast chemical structure search in large WWW databases with “InChI key” approach
 P-21  T.A. Tseitler  The synthesis of novel annelated and conjugated 1,3,5-triazine-2,4-dione derivatives
 P-22  V. Tumanov

Knowledge extraction from subject-oriented science intelligent system on physical

chemistry of radical reactions

























*Only the name of the first author is mentioned in the list