Dr.juris,Prof., Honored Professor of Kazan State University being specialized in criminal law and penal law, Honored Scientist of Russian Federation, Honored Scientists of Republic Tatarstan, a member of criminal and legal section of the Academic Methodology Committee under the Russian Ministry of Education and Science. Most of his research are devoted to the research study of the punishment sentencing and exe­cution. His monographs: “ Social and psychological aspects of the correction and rehabilitation of offenders”, “ Deprivation of liberty and social –psychological prerequisites of its efficiency”, “ Deprivation of the liberty and the rights of the convicts in Russia”, “ Punishment and al­ternative measure in Russian criminal law”. Prof.Dr.F.R.Sundurov also has created a scientific school at Kazan State University on problems of differentiation and individualization of criminal liability and penalty delivering lectures of Criminal law, Penal law, specialized courses as  “ Organized crime and counteraction measures” , “ Organized crime: national and international aspect” F.R.Sundurov is also the author of more than 200 scientific publications including 10 course books on criminal law, being also the supervisor of 50 phd students and elivering lectures by the course “ Criminal law. Introductory course”, special course “ Actual problems in criminal law”.