Bachelor degree program
44.03.01 Teacher Education, profile: Primary education
Code 44.03.01
Direction of training Teacher Education
Profile Primary education
Level Bachelor degree
Language of instruction Russian
State accreditation Certificate
Graduating Chair
About program

Direction of the program

Within the framework of the direction, teachers are trained in the field of primary education in accordance with the requirements of Federal State Standard of Higher Education and the Professional Standard of a teacher.

Relevance of the program

Direction 44.03.01 Teacher Education, profile: «Primary education» makes it possible for a graduate student to get competencies that ensure his demand as a specialist in the field of primary education.

The direction «44.03.01 Teacher Education» is included in The list of in-demand professions and specialties corresponding to the priority areas for the development of the economy of the Republic of Tatarstan for 2022-2028.

Why should you choose to study at Elabuga Institute of KFU?

The study at Elabuga Institute of KFU is distinguished by the enhanced practice-oriented training of future teachers based on the best Russian traditions and foreign experience. The acquisition of practical skills and competencies by students is supported by digital resources, technical capabilities of imitation and gamification of the educational process. Key disciplines are taught by experienced highly qualified teachers using the latest equipment.

Elabuga Institute of KFU has a specific developing educational environment for the formation of professional competencies of future teachers through the implementation of a number of educational, scientific and social projects in which students take an active part.

What will you study?

Psychological, pedagogical and methodological training of future teachers is carried out within the framework of the following main modules: "Communication in professional interaction", "Psychology of education", "Pedagogy", "Fundamentals of leadership activity".

In the process of mastering the educational program, the following training modules will be studied: humanitarian, social and economic basis of professional activity, communication in professional interaction, health-saving technologies in professional activity, natural science of professional activity, methodological module, subject module, elective disciplines, optional courses.

The main educational program, in addition to the main and optional disciplines, includes various types of practices and research activities, which allows them to participate in various conferences, seminars, to publish articles and receive scholarships and grants.

Areas of professional activity

Graduates who have mastered the program can carry out professional activities in education, social sphere, science and culture. The main objects of professional activity of graduates: training, education, development, implementation of programs of basic, secondary general education, additional education.


Form of study Duration of study   Number of quotas in 2023 and tuition fees
extramural 4 years 6 months  
for citizens of the Russian Federation:
  budget 20     
  contract    33 300 rub./year*
for foreign citizens:
 contract    33 300 rub./year**

*  Order No. 01-03/766 dated May 31, 2022 On the cost of paid educational services for the 2022/23 academic year

** Order No. 01-03/764a dated May 31, 2022 On the cost of paid educational services for the 2022/23 academic year for foreign citizens

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