Master's degree
  Teacher Education
Expert activity in the field of education

Diploma qualification: Master in the field of study «44.04.01 Teacher Education»

Aim of the program

The main professional educational program (OPEP) 44.04.01 training of qualified competitive specialists in the field of education, ready for socio-pedagogical and educational activities, for the design and evaluation of educational processes and programs of educational organizations.

Areas of professional activity

Area of professional activity: regulation of educational activities, examination of the quality of education in the field of primary general, basic general, secondary general education, vocational training, vocational education, additional education; professional and public accreditation of educational programs; control and supervision in the field of education; main objects of professional activity: educational systems, educational programs, organization of educational activities.

The objects of professional activity are: training; upbringing; management in the social sphere; educational process; pedagogical technologies; educational systems; quality management of the educational process, educational activities, expertise in education, accreditation in education.

What can you work

Places of employment

Graduates who have mastered the educational program can carry out professional activities in educational organizations of all levels of education (secondary schools, colleges and technical schools, educational organizations of higher education, research organizations) in all regions of the Russian Federation.