1. The name of the structural unit of KFU: Elabuga Institute of KFU

2. Department name: Department of Theory and Methods of Professional Education, ITF

3. Club name: Student Design and Technology Bureau "Eureka"

4. Club foundation year: 2016

5. Directions of activity of the Club: Modeling, design and production of technical objects

6. The topic of scientific research: Research and design and technological activities of students (schoolchildren), undergraduates in the club in order to deepen and consolidate the knowledge gained in the learning process, practical mastery of the methodology and means of developing tools, devices, devices, machine tools, educational visual aids, cars and motor vehicles, as well as technologies for their production.

7. Objectives of the Club:

8. Tasks of the Club:


Full Name

AKHMETOV Linar Gimazetdinovich


Head of the Department of Engineering and Technology

Academic degree, academic title

Doctor of Pedagogy, Professor

Contacts: phone; e-mail +7-900-322-03-97


Head of the Club

Full Name

Mukhutdinov Bulat Ilshatovich


Master student of group e9520z

Contacts: phone; e-mail