Name (model)



Cell Sorter BD FACSAria III 

Designed for cell sorting in a wide range of applications, with high sensitivity and resolution


Bactrox Hypoxic Chamber

A dual anaerobic chamber system with fluorescent inverted and binocular microscope, designed for the isolation and cultivation of human cells under hypoxic conditions.


Inverted Fluorescent microscope Nikon Eclipse TS100-F

Designed for the examination of cell cultures using the phase-contrast and luminescence methods.


Inverted Research Microscope Nikon ECLIPSE Ti-S

Inverted microscope, designed for observing cell cultures.


Incubator Galaxy 170 CO2

Incubation of eukaryotic cells at a certain temperature in a humid atmosphere containing CO2.


Laminar flow box SafeFAST Elite Class II

Laminar flow box for work with prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells under sterile conditions.


Easy LDI - Microcirculation Camera

The Doppler Laser Diagnostic Device with defocused laser is designed to produce images that enable real-time visualisation of microcirculatory processes


Blood circulation probe kit (moorLDI2 and moorVMS-OXY)

Blood circulation probe kit comprising:

1. Dual-channel laser Doppler blood flow monitoring module with probe kit and accessories;

2. Oxygenation monitoring module with a set of probes and accessories;

3. Programmable ionophoresis module with set of accessories;

4. Programmable skin heating module with set of accessories; 4.

The set is designed to study the processes of microcirculation and oxygenation in selected areas of tissue by contact method (with probes) and influence on these processes by changing tissue temperature or ionophoresis of drugs.


GDX 50/75 portable X-ray unit

Portable digital fluoroscopy and radiography unit.