Project number: 20-38-90257.

Full project name: "Development of a new calibration template and calibration algorithm for on-board cameras of a mobile robot".

Head of the project: Professor Evgeni Magid.


Reliability of robotic systems (RS) to a large extent depends on reliable operation of on-board sensors, which require periodic calibration. A set of on-board RS sensors varies depending on types and tasks of the RS, but in the vast majority of cases, a RS would be equipped with at least one camera. Calibration of a camera is a process of determining and adjusting its external and internal parameters. As a result, a reference value of optical signals at input readings will be consistent with of output values. Calibration of airborne cameras is an obligatory preliminary procedure that enables further application of computer vision algorithms, data fusion and processing.

Currently, a procedure for calibrating RS cameras is carried out in a laboratory using classical “chessboard” method. In addition to the chessboard method, there are only a few alternative approaches that are in their infancy both in Russia and abroad. This is explained by a habit of service engineers to use the chessboard template, which has been studied on a non-alternative basis since the end of the 20th century in all technical universities as a part of basic technical vision related disciplines curriculum. And, due to the lack of a deep mathematical analysis of other options and the lack of new templates built on a basis of modern approaches, engineers continue to use this reliable, but yet not sufficiently effective, morally and technically outdated classical approach.

The two-year project will result in a new calibration template and calibration algorithm that will allow on-board cameras calibration to be performed more efficiently than using the classic approach. This template will be integrated with the results of previous projects, which will allow using the new template not only for manual calibration, but also for offline calibration. There are plans to develop software program consisting of an autonomous calibration module using a new template, which will be integrated into the control system of the robot "Servosila Engineer".