The department conducts educational activity in three institutes of Kazan Federal University training students in twenty specialties, areas and concentration fields.

The graduate department offers a baccalaureate program 46.03.01. “History”, “General History” and “History of International Relations” concentration fields.

Currently, the department has experience in implementing a number of master's degree programs:

Area “History”, program “Jewish Studies. The History and culture of the Jewish People: universal and regional aspects” (2014 graduation);

Area 03.54.00 “History of Art” (2015 graduation);

Area 46.04.01 “History” program “Comparative models of historical development of the countries of the East and the West” (2018 graduation).

The following master's programs are currently being implemented:

Area 46.04.01 "History":

The master's program “Social History of the West and Russia” jointly with the Department of Russian History (postal tuition, 2017 enrolment);

The program "Historical Political Science" (postal tuition, 2018 enrolment).

The department implements postgraduate programs in the area of 46.06.01 Historical Sciences and Archeology. Scientific specialties 07.00.03 - General History and 07.00.09 - Historiography, Source Studies and Methods of Historical Research.