Main research areas of the Department of European Languages and Cultures include the functioning of languages and cultures of the European countries, their economic and political structure, international cultural and non-governmental organizations operating in the European Union, etc.

G.K. Gizatova,. N.N. Bobyreva, E.B. Voronina, N.R. Latypov, O.G. Palutina,  A.V. Ageeva,. L.R. Abdullina, D.Z. Gaynutdinova,  R.M. Fakhretdinov, I.Ya. Balabanova,  M.S. Lukina, R.U. Galimova, N.A. Deputatova, L.F. Shangaraeva, A.Z. Gajnutdinova, Garsiya Hose Migel Gonzalez, A.R. Ismagilova, T.E. Kalegina, E.E. Mukhametshina, E.Kh. Shamsutdinova,  A.Yu. Seredina,  S.O. Pupyreva are engaged in scientific research of  development and functioning of the languages.

Taking into account the current trends of globalization in the social and economic life of many countries, the analysis of education and the development of educational theory based on the best pedagogical experience of foreign countries helps to understand how Common Education Space is being formed nowadays. Current research in the field of foreign language education, foreign pedagogy and methods of teaching foreign languages is carried out by D.R. Sabirova, N.P. Pomortseva, S.S. Bodnar, I.G. Kondrateva, G.S. Yatsenko, F.I. Yarullina, N.N. Tikhonova, K.M. Amirkhanova, T.V. Morozova, and R.R. Khanipova.

All the research conducted at the Department is devoted to language, culture, cross-cultural and intercultural communication studies, including linguistic, methodological and socio-cultural issues of teaching foreign languages and cultures.

The scientific school “Research of professional teacher education systems in Europe and America” is headed by D.R. Sabirova, where the teaching staff of the Department S.S. Bodnar, N.P. Pomortseva, G.S. Yatsenko, K.M. Amirkhanova, A.A. Shakirova, R.R. Khanipova, and A.K. Aprigio undertake their research.