Albert Vartanovich Aganov is the Head of the center, head of the Department of medical physics of the Institute of physics of KFU, doctor of medical Sciences, Professor
Telephone : +7 843 233 74 56

Main direction:    
High resolution nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy
Gradient  nuclear magnetic resonance and microtomography
Multicore magnetic resonance at ultra-low temperatures
Electronic paramagnetic resonance
Magnetic resonance imaging

This center enables the use of equipment, infrastructure, as well as attracting highly professional staff with experience in foreign research centers of magnetic resonance to perform and support research, including complex, in fundamental, applied and innovative projects, works on orders of enterprises of real sectors of the economy almost the entire spectrum of existing methods and techniques of magnetic resonance . Laboratories are included in the system of the Federal center for Collective Use of KFU "Physical and chemical research of substances and materials" We are open for cooperation with institutions of any profile and form of ownership. Joint measurements, research and development focused on the publication of results in refereed journals are carried out free of charge only under the condition of concluding a cooperation agreement with KFU . In the laboratories, you can also take courses of initial training or retraining of specialists in standard or individual retraining programs with the issuance of a certificate.